3cP-ST Color and Data Software for Canon HD DSLR.

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3cP-ST for Canon

3cP-ST for Canon

Gamma & Density Co. has released a Canon version for their 3cP color correction and data management software. The Canon version 3cP-ST works with the 5D Mark II, and 7D for both stills and video. The 3cP-ST software is aimed at Canon HD DSLR filmmakers and is reasonably priced at $199 US.

Here are some tech specs for the 3cP Software. The 3cP-ST version may not contain all of these features.

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Technical Highlights of 3cP:

• All in one data management solution for any file based camera

• Support for the RED Rocket

• Support for the Academy/ASC LUT and CinemaDNG image data format.

• Full support for motion clips in addition to still images.

• Lighting previsualization for cinematographers

• Support for DPX, Cineon, and TIFF image sequences.

• Direct support of most file based native footage (RED, Arri, P2, Canon)

• Realtime playback of motion footage.

• Dailies generation with optional burned-in timecode and smart slates.

• Background processing of media backups and footage rendering.

• Print-to-video feature with output of linear timecode (LTC).

• Syncing of audio tracks to footage for dailies rendering.

• Backup of media files to up to three backup locations, with byte-by-byte verification.

• ALE (Avid Log Exchange) file generation for rendered output files. In addition, 3cP continues to offer a robust set of tools for color correction, 3D LUT generation, ASC CDL support, monitor calibration, and communication with post production.

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