Apertus AXIUM progress – 175fps @ 4K, under $10k

January 3rd, 2013 Jump to Comment Section

The image on the left depicts the prototype of the ongoing project named “AXIOM”, a camera by people who are passionate about creating a strong competitor in the quickly growing 35mm digital cinema camera market.

We reported about the AXIOM camera in July when the project was first made official which they had started work on in 2006. They are now in the next phase of their project with a soon to be finished prototype which is exciting news.

Apertus personally stopped by at our office and discussed their project with us in detail. I can tell you that these are very dedicated people and they seem to have all the parts together to create an exciting camera.

Apertus has launched their official website and with it announced a crowdfunding roadmap for 2013.

What the prototype does is record a 4K image, scale it down to 2K and output a 3G-SDI signal. You have to record that signal with an external recorder. It’s a very simple approach which makes the positive outcome of the first phase of the project even more probable.

Features for the final Axiom camera:
– 4k resolution
– Super35 sensor
– Global shutter
– Up to 15 stops dynamic range
– High speed at full resolution (175fps @ 8bit / 150fps @ 10bit …)
– up to 12 bit.
– Cinema DNG raw recording
– Well below $10,000 target price

State of Development
The lens mount metal parts are done. The electronics (PCBs) are being developed now. Software (FPGA code, etc.) will follow once the electronics are done.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of this camera and let you know as soon as the crowdfunding campaign is kicked off.

link to AXIOM webitse

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