Welcome to the new design and forum structure of cinema5D

We have shrinked 13 subforums into 2 subforums
and on the side we now distinguish 19 different camera types instead of only 7.

The new forum structure was made to be as intuitive as possible but here’s a small introduction none the less:

1: Go into one of the two subforums found on our main page. From the range of cameras listed at the top simply click on the one you want to discuss or read about.

2: The camera’s port will turn red and reveal the camera symbol within. Below the menu all camera related topics will be revealed.

3: You will find the camera specific symbol in front of each topic.

4: You can also select a second, third… camera to reveal their related topics as well. Click a camera again to hide it’s related topics.

5: To hide the camera menu itself click the “hide” button at the top of the menu. Your camera selection is always stored for whenever you come back to the forum, no need to reopen the menu or reclick anything ever.

Here’s a direct link to Large Sensor DSLRs subforum so you can check it out yourself.

Explanation for the update:
cinema5D was founded in the summer of 2008. At first this was a place to talk about cameras that weren’t even released yet, DSLRs with video capabilities that would offer exciting new possibilities for independent filmmakers. Back then the 5D and D90 didn’t even have manual exposure, we had to put a sheet of paper in front of the lens and needed luck and a some tricks to expose right, remember?

The cameras have developed and so have the needs of the forum. A lot of people are visiting this site every day and we have all gathered a great deal of information and shared a lot of experience here.

It has become time that the face of the site and the forum structure kept up with the new developments too. Many new cameras came out in this past year and the old forum structure can’t keep up with the subforums.

So we invented and implemented a structure that would have all cameras in only two subforums, but would allow to switch each camera on and off according to your personal desired viewing experience. So e.g. if you want to see topics for the 7D and 1Dmk4 cameras you click on them and below only 7D and 1Dmk4 topics will show. This info is stored and whenever you come back you will see the same camera filter selected.

From now on there should be no more unallocated camera topics. Please give us some time over the next couple of days to distinguish and allocate the so far unallocated camera topics.

The new forum structure will provide a clear view no matter how many new video DSLR or large sensor cameras come out. Thanks at this point to our great programmer Daniel who made this possible with his 01001110 skills.

If you’ve read this far you’re probably one of the more frequent visitors of this site. You might have noticed we like to keep our advertising non aggressive and we always check our main advertisers’ products before we allow them to the forum. While I like a polished design and professional usability it doesn’t mean there’s much budget for this. To keep this place tidy, up to date, get more staff members, and the ads non aggressive we could very much need your help. If you feel this site has done good for you please make use of the little donation button below. Thanks!

Greetings from Europe, Vienna,
Sebastian Wöber
(cinema5D admin)

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