Cinevate Modo – Simple Belt Free Timelapse for the Duzi

Cinevate Modo - Simple Belt Free Timelapse for the Duzi

Cinevate has introduced a very interesting accessory to partner their newly announced Duzi v3 slider. The Modo is a timelapse module that uses no batteries, no cables and no control interface, simple wind back and let it go.

Cinevate Modo

When the Duzi v3 surfaced at the start of the month, there was a lot of talk around this unnamed timelapse module that appeared in a couple of the promo shots, but very little info was disclosed.

The above video now explains the Modo. It’s a module unique to the Duzi v3 carriage (original Duzi owners can upgrade their carriage with the updated lock to accommodate this) and uses a simple spring that when wound back gives the device enough brunt to move along the track.

There are no cables, no batteries and no control interface. The Cinevate Modo simply has two speeds per Duzi length; 30 or 42 minutes on the 24″ slider, and 43 or 60 minutes on the longer 32″ version,

I’ve been told by Cinevate the Modo can actually operate for 3 hours however, which will help with future circular dolly tracks. They also plan on releasing a second motor option that will provide half speed intervals to the above, for slower timelapses.

Cinevate is quite clear with the type of filmmakers this is targeted at. This type of device won’t challenge their current Moco line or any of multi controlled system, it’s much simpler and quicker to use; just roll the carriage back and let it run. As a result of this, the price bracket is far far lower, currently at just under $200.

Cinevate Modo 2The Cinevate Modo mounts to the Duzi v3 carriage with a thumbscrew; you can engage/disengage the wheel so that you can use it as a standard slider once attached.

The payload drops to 15lbs with the Modo mounted, it has a bubble level for levelling out shots and a standard 3/8″ thread for attaching ballheads.

Here’s the specification list of the Modo

  • Complete mechanical drive does not require power or batteries
  • No controllers, cables, or programming necessary
  • Effortlessly change from timelapse to manual slider mode in seconds
  • 2 speed capability (24 inches/hour & 34 inches/hour)
  • Works under extreme weather conditions
  • Max capacity of 15 lbs when level
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Solid CNC machined aluminum
  • Speed upgrades available (12 inches/hour & 17 inches/hour)
  • Compatible with Modo multi-axis pan & tilt (coming soon)

The last point is very interesting; it would be great to see this simple technology work in a multi-axis mode also.

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