David Fincher’s Custom RED Xenomorph for Netflix’s “Mindhunter”

David Fincher's Custom RED Xenomorph for Netflix's "Mindhunter"


RED Digital Cinema has built a fully customised one-of-a-kind camera—the RED Xenomorph—just for David Fincher and his team to shoot his upcoming series “Mindhunter” for Netflix. 

Imagine you absolutely love your RED Dragon, but it ends up a mess of magic arms and cabling by the time you’ve added all your support gear. If only it were all permanently integrated into the camera. No cables, no magic arms, no rigs, no mess.

Now imagine your name is David Fincher. For Fincher, nothing is impossible.

RED Xenomorph David Fincher

As with all things RED, details tend to trickle out over time, but keep your eyes on this REDUser thread if you want to find out more. Here’s what we know.

David Fincher’s RED Xenomorph


  • RED Weapon Dragon 6K Sensor Technology
  • 7.0″ LCD Touch
  • Paralinx wireless video
  • Extended WiFi/Foolcontrol antenna array
  • RT Motion Lens Motor Control
  • Zaxcom wireless audio and timecode
  • Anton Bauer Gold Mount
  • Shoulder Mount
  • Xenomorph-inspired brain design

And, according to Phil Holland, who I’d like to thank for sharing the info, is my favorite of all:

  • and a couple of other sneaky things

Images are courtesy of RED and the Mindhunter Camera Dept.


RED Xenomorph Mindhunter

RED Xenomorph

Before you ask: No. The RED Xenomorph is not, and won’t be, a commercially available new camera from RED.

No. You can’t have one—unless your name is David Fincher.


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