Dutti Dolly Tripod Wings – New from Matthews Studio Equipment

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Dutti Dolly Tripod Wings - New from Matthews Studio Equipment

Back in 2016, Matthews Studio Equipment introduced the Dutti Dolly, a small, lightweight and compact dolly solution for filmmakers. Today, they are back with an add-on accessory to extend the dolly’s possibilities: the Dutti Dolly Tripod Wings.

The Dutti Dolly

Sometimes simpler is better, and this is the case with the Dutti Dolly. It’s made with a solid rectangular aluminum platform, 1/2” thick, with a built-in Mitchell mount. Underneath, there are eight inline skate wheels for maximum stability.


The development of this dolly started nearly 15 years ago by James “Dutti” Saldutti, a Hollywood-based Dolly Grip. The Dutti Dolly is a really compact tool that measures 20” x 24”. It can roll low to the ground if needed, but it can also ride directly on speed rails. If you need to travel light and decide not to bring rails, no problem. The dolly can be used on tubing—like round, square, angle, or PVC pipes—that you can find at a local hardware store near your shoot.


However, with a weight of 25 lbs., this dolly is not the lightest dolly out there, but you can put nearly everything on it thanks to the maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs. In the end, it’s the perfect choice for large cinema cameras.

The Dutti Dolly Tripod Wings

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Dutti Dolly is that it is a little bit too small to carry a tripod. To solve that problem, Matthews Studio Equipment just released what they call the Tripod Wings.

Basically, the Tripod Wings are two solid pieces of aluminum designed to be screwed to the dolly in order to extend it on the sides. That way, you can use any tripod up to 30” in diameter directly on the dolly.


No tools are required to install the Tripod Wings—just tighten the four included wingnuts. The Tripod Wings are an additional accessory to the Dutti Dolly and are sold for $459.

What will be your choice of equipment for short movements, a slider or a traditional dolly like the Dutti Dolly? Let us know in the comments section below!

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