edelkrone’s interesting new slider concept

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edelkrone's interesting new slider concept

edelkrone, the Turkish DSLR-rig manufacturer, has come up with a very interesting slider concept. A slider that lets your camera travel longer than the slider actually is in length.

edelkrone’s new funky invention isn’t cheap at $499, but the mechanism is an intriguing idea. When used on a tripod the slider can travel 1.7 inch (52cm) even though it’s only 1.3 inch (39cm) in length.

The way this works is that the slider base has a second slider sled that works in conjunction with the camera plate like a pulley tackle.

Press Release:
Ultra Portable
Slider Plus is the only 2 ft. slider in the world that you can fit in your backpack.

Thanks to Slider Pluses unique design it uses only half the amount of rails to achieve the extra long distances it goes. So you carry half the weight you would normally carry around.

Practical Setup.
It is compact! So you manage the setup much easily.

Smooth Start and Stop
Slider plus moves as a whole. So more mass travels when you operate the slider. This gives smoother and very natural starts and stops compared to the regular slider designs.

Ready for the motorized motion control unit.
Slider Plus has a port on its side to attach the “motorized motion control module”. It is convenient for repeating the same shot or time lapse projects.

Longer dolly-in/out range
When shooting dolly-in/out style, slider plus gives double the range compared the regular slider designs. When you pull the camera back the rails also retracts and they don’t interfere with the shots.

Amazing built quality with 1st grade materials
Slider plus has 22 roll bearings in its design. The rails are military grade chrome coated steel. Since itis gonna be with you all the time, it is designed and built to LAST.

Works both on tripods and on ground
Thanks to the 4 height adjustable knobs under the slider plus it works on ground too. Slider Plus delivers 2 ft. travel on tripod and 1 ft. travel on ground.

Quick Drag Adjustment and Locking
Quickly and conveniently adjust the amount of drag you want for better speed control. Or lock completely in any position with a flick of a knob.

A limited quantity first batch is said to ship on Jan 4th 2013

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