Freelancing Tips from Sound Designer Cheryl Ottenritter – ON THE GO – Episode 69

September 24th, 2017 icon / message-square 1

In this final part of our conversation with sound designer Cheryl Ottenritter, we discuss how to take your next steps as a freelancer.

Cheryl Ottenritter

The freelancer’s life can be tough, as the uncertainty of going from job to job can soon become a bit of a hamster wheel. However, as you gain experience and start collecting a number of regular clients, maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them soon becomes more important that landing particular individual jobs.

We touch on the importance of having a network of trusted friends and colleagues who you can send in your stead when you are sick or double-booked. It often happens that freelancers covet their work, and are afraid to allow other people in. However, by recruiting the help of collaborative partners, not only are you expanding your potential amount of work, you are also making sure your client base is being properly looked after.

Of course, this maintaining of relationships may in some cases mean making small sacrifices – such as discounts under certain circumstances – for the sake of cultivating the path to more work in the future. As Cheryl says, it is important to set the ground rules early on to guarantee a happy client relationship.

Cheryl also tells us about her future plans for her audio post shop Ott House Audio, and how she plans on doing more work with 360 audio and Dolby Atmos.

It has been a fascinating talk with Cheryl Ottenritter, and we hope to see her again very soon on cinema5D ON THE GO!

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