GimbalGunner – Shoulder mounted gimbal stabilizer

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GimbalGunner - Shoulder mounted gimbal stabilizer

Gimbalgunner 2

Last month we saw the first gimbal system with integrated shoulder rig – the ShadowCam was a fantastic looking concept stabilizer. Here’s one a little further down the production line – the GimbalGunner.

The GimbalGunner combines a shoulder rig and brushless 2-axis gimbal controller, producing an ergonomic shoulder mountable camera stabilizer. These hybrid designs seem much more attractive than the conventional handlebar design that the Movi and other likeminded stabilizers have utilized; fatigue is much less likely to set in.


The GimbalGunner has a maximum load capacity of 4kg, so it’ll take any camera up to a basic RED EPIC setup. All product videos seem to be shot with a Canon 1DC, the 5D mark iii also gets a mention, as well as the Sony F5 to give you an idea of the target format for this device.

The test footage looks good enough, there’s definitely some swaying in the below open water footage. Surprisingly, the death-defying car in motion footage looks the most promising out of the bunch..

A few test videos have been released for the GimbalGunner, one with a pretty tedious graphic intro that I’ll spare you from, I’ve picked out the best below:

The GimbalGunner isn’t cheap, currently priced at €4.995 (a little under $7000!).

Out of all the gimbal stabilizers we’ve seen, these hybrid systems certainly take my preference. With a little more maturity to this type of grip, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a wide range of cost effective solutions.


Here are some specifications

  • Carbon fiber, with aluminium camera frame
  • ArmBGC V3.5 two axis AlexMos brushless gimbal controller with the latest firmware upload possibilities any time by on-board USB.
  • Extra USB connection outside.
  • Motors: two iPower Gimbal BL Motor GBM80187-120T.
  • Total weight of the whole gimbal: 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)
  • Max. loading capacity: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

Thanks for Cinescopophilia and NoFilmSchool for the spec and original posts.

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