Kessler KillShock Recon – 1/5th Scale 4WD RC Buggy with Base for Cameras

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Kessler KillShock Recon - 1/5th Scale 4WD RC Buggy with Base for Cameras

The Kessler KillShock Recon is a new 1/5th scale four-wheel drive RC buggy with an integrated modular isolator system. The platform of this system should isolate vibrations from the wheelbase and serve as a mounting point for camera gimbals. There are two versions available – Standard and Pro.

Kessler KillShock Recon 1/5th RC buggy. Source: Kessler

We have seen lots of useful and innovative products from Kessler over the many years of their existence. Recently, they announced the Mag Max 3A system for using affordable DeWalt batteries for filmmaking gear. The US-based company also already introduced the KillShock ATP bicycle mounting camera plate. Now, Kessler announced another KillShock-based product – a 1/5th scale RC buggy named Kessler KillShock Recon. What is it about?

Kessler KillShock Recon

Kessler KillShock Recon is a 1/5th scale four-wheel drive (4WD) RC buggy with a built-in isolator system for shooting chase, follow and side profiles. The KillShock Recon top plate is shared with the KillShock ATP and KillShock ATP Isolator for use with RadPower Bikes front and rear racks.

The wheelbase is based on the Losi DBXL-E V2 RC buggy. Kessler has reworked and modified its platform with new heavy-duty upgraded coil springs on each of the four shock towers. Locations for several key components have also been reconfigured for compatibility and the stock body cover and spoiler have been removed. The LED headlight bar system has been moved to the front of the buggy for night shooting and additional visibility.

The KillShock Recon buggy has a top speed rating of 50mph (80.47 kmph), but Kessler does not recommend going full speed as it is quite risky for the mounted gear. The top speed available will also be reduced based on payload and tuned settings in the controller. As Kessler states, KillShock Recon is a professional tool and should be used by professionals with large RC buggy experience.

The KillShock Isolator

Kessler KillShock Recon 1/5th RC buggy. Source: Kessler

The KillShock Recon’s mounting plate features interchangeable Shock Modules (the same modules used on the full-size KillShock) that can be swapped out to adjust for varying payloads and application uses. The Killshock Recon mounting plate features numerous hole patterns including Ronin 2 with DJI universal mount, MoVi Toad in the Hole, Ronin S with DJI universal mount, numerous other gimbals, most Kessler gear, almost any gear via 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threaded holes and even gold mount and v-mount battery plates to power accessories.

The mounting plate features mounting positions in the middle and an end of the plate for Ronin 2 and MoVi (M5/M10/M15/Pro) toad in the hole which allows users to center the weight in the front, middle or rear depending on which orientation used. The KillShock Recon modules come in multiple strengths (Blue Light Duty, Red Standard Duty, Black Heavy Duty, and Matte Black Extreme Heavy Duty) and they can be mixed and matched to achieve a tuned payload.

The KillShock Recon comes fitted with 6x Shock modules in a custom Red/Black/Red cable configuration which is the recommended combination for use with a MoVi Pro or DJI Ronin 2 with a compact cinema camera and prime lens.

Two Versions – Standard and Pro

The Kessler KillShock Recon buggy comes in two versions – Standard and Pro.

  • The Recon Standard is powered via LiPo 14.8V 4S batteries (not included) and has the stock Firma 160A ESC (electronic speed controller)
  • The Recon Pro includes a pre-installed Ignite Digi TB50 Recon Battery Plate Kit (does not include batteries) which was developed specifically for Kessler. This option allows KillShock Recon Pro to be powered by two DJI TB50 (known from DJI Inspire for instance) batteries which run in parallel offering significantly longer run times than 4S batteries. It also has had the stock ESC changed to a 160AMP Dynamite Fuze ESC for compatibility reasons.

Kessler KillShock Recon 1/5th RC buggy – Battery mounts. Source: Kessler

Technical Specs

  • Length: 34″ (86.36 cm)
  • Width: 19.5” (49.53 cm)
  • Height to KillShock mounting plate from ground: 9.25” (23.50 cm)
  • Ground clearance: 3.2” (8.13 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 21.75” (55.25 cm)
  • Tire Diameter: 7.7” (19.56 cm)
  • Weight without batteries: 33lbs (14.97 kg)
  • Top speed: varies on the payload, stock buggy top speed is 50mph (80.47 kmph), the expected top speed will fall between approximately 25-40mph (32-64 kmph) with a larger gimbal and camera package. The turning radius is adjustable on Killshock Recon. Please keep in mind your speed when turning based on your payload and center of gravity.

Price and Availability

The Recon Standard version sells for $3,500 and the Recon Pro with Ignite Digi Kit for $4,600. Both versions are already available in the Kessler online store.

What do you think about Kessler KillShock Recon? Did you ever mount your camera on an RC buggy to get the desired shots? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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