Kinefinity KineMax 6K Footage in Breathtaking 5760×2400

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Kinefinity KineMax 6K Footage in Breathtaking 5760x2400


Roughly a year ago Chinese camera manufacturer Kinefinity presented their KineMax 6K cinema camera alongside the release of a new 4K KineMini. They offer high resolution cinematic RAW recording at an affordable price point. Now footage in 6K resolution hit the web and we can actually take a look and download the source files.

This video that was uploaded by Kinefinity showcases some short sample clips that can be watched in glorious 4K. If your Vimeo player doesn’t do that, just head over to Vimeo and download the source files. I must comment that this looks amazing on a 4K display ;)

Kinefinity also provides downloadable RAW files here which do give you an even better impression of what this camera can do. I played with these myself and both the dynamic range as well as the resolution seem truly impressive. You can see a screenshot in 5760×2400 by downloading that first image from this article here.

One thing I noticed though was that there were strong aliasing in the slow motion footage. It seems like there is line-skipping to achieve the same resolution at higher frame rates.

kinemax-specsAnyway, if you need 6K then there’s currently nothing that can get you there faster than this camera. For such impressive specs (see chart on the left) one would usually pay a lot, but the

kinemax-6k-sideKineMax is very affordable:

Camera body only: $8,000
Starter: $9,000
Standard: $11,000
Professional: $13,000

The Starter, Standard, and Professional packages include a bunch of add-ons, like the KineAudio/Pro Audio Module, integrated battery plate, KineGrip, KineMag-120GB/240GB SSD, and much more. Both are $1000. You should also keep in mind that the prices for the first 100 units are marked down $1000 for each package. Unfortunately, 6K RAW, 4K 4:3 Anamorphic, and HiSpeed options are not included, but you can purchase KineMAX 6K RAW and KineMAX HiSpeed upgrades.

[Update]: Apparently the .com website is down. Here’s the Europe website


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