Kinefinity KineOS 6.4 Firmware Update – ProRes 4444 & 4444 XQ for TERRA 4K

Kinefinity KineOS 6.4 Firmware Update - ProRes 4444 & 4444 XQ for TERRA 4K

Kinefinity released a KineOS 6.4 firmware update for its MAVO, MAVO LF, and TERRA 4K that brings a lot of new features to its cinema cameras. With this firmware, the TERRA 4K is now capable of recording in ProRes 4444 and 4444XQ codecs, the UI has been improved, and there is now a Digital Horizon function. Let’s take a closer look at all these improvements!

KineOS 6.4 for the Kinefinity MAVO, MAVO LF, and TERRA 4K

Kinefinity cameras are getting firmware updates very often, and the company recently released its latest KineOS 6.4 firmware update. This update is compatible with the MAVO, MAVO LF, and TERRA 4K cinema cameras. Here is a brief overview of all the new features:

  • TERRA 4K: addition of Apple ProRes 4444 and ProRes 4444XQ recording codecs internally. You can now record at up to 4K 150p in ProRes422HQ and cinemaDNG RAW, or 4K 80P in ProRes 4444.

The Kinefinity TERRA 4K can now shoot in Apple ProRes 4444 and 4444XQ. Image credit: Kinefinity

  • Smoother high-resolution footage playback for the MAVO LF/MAVO 6K/TERRA 4K. Previously, you could experience some lag or frame drop when playing back high-resolution or ProRes 4444 footage. This is a thing of the past with the latest KineOS 6.4 firmware update. However, the preview video is with a burned-in LUT, and only supports slow-motion under 60p.

Image credit: Kinefinity

  • Kinefinity cameras record footage to a KineMAG SSD or third-party SSD. To simplify your life, KineOS 6.4 optimizes SSD management. There is a new UI design; the “Format SSD” interface is now under the “Configuration – Shooting” page. Also, with this UI redesign, there is a new way to format SSDs, but you can also change roll numbers manually when formatting your drive. Finally, it now supports KineMAG rebuilt at calibration mode to restore the initial performance of a KineMAG.

Image credit: Kinefinity

  • UI optimization with smoother monitoring and much lower latency. According to Kinefinity, if you use a KineMON5U/7H and KineEVF on a whole-new DirectClear platform, the whole monitoring latency is lower than 90ms.

Image credit: Kinefinity

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

KineOS 6.4 also fixes some bugs and adds a couple of minor improvements to the TERRA 4K/MAVO/MAVO LF. Here is a summary:

  • REC resolution is moved to [Menu–>Shooting–>REC resolution].
  • Red color “REC” is added to the middle bottom of the UI and keeps on when recording.
  • The brightness of shooting specifications and time code is improved to ease the observation of camera settings.
  • A useful addition is Digital Horizon. To access this, you’ll need to calibrate the camera after updating your camera to KineOS 6.4 by going to [Menu–>System–>Digital Horizon Calibrate].

Image credit: Kinefinity

  • KineOS 6.4 adds a tint tuning/color correction function to the white balance settings. Simply press the WB button twice to activate tint adjustment.
  • Significantly increase the response speed of EF mount electronic aperture adjustment.
  • The STANDARD mode of ACTIVE MOUNT now supports Samyang XP lens electronic aperture adjustment.
  • Add a 120FPS option to PROJECT FPS.
  • When zooming into the image, the waveform is enlarged synchronously.
  • Optimize the readability of the waveform graph under strong light.
  • Optimize some labels and text descriptions;
  • Expand CTRL port function to support TALLY.
  • Optimize the dead pixel removal algorithm.
  • The default power threshold voltage is now 12V.
  • Export and Import User Settings are added to [Menu–>System–>Export User Settings /Import User Settings]. When exiting the calibration mode, there is no need to restore factory settings anymore.
  • 70% Zebra is now an option.

Price and Availability

KineOS 6.4 is a free firmware update, and it’s already available. For more information and download it, please visit Kinefinity’s website here.

What do you think about this KineOS 6.4 firmware update? Did you ever have stability issues or strange bugs with a Kinefinity camera? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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