Tutorial: Learn about the Psychology of Music for Film – Filmstro Music Month – Episode 2

December 16th, 2016 Jump to Comment Section 1

Last week, we published the first episode (click here if you missed it) of our “music for film” tutorial series videos as part of the Filmstro Music Month, dealing with “Seeing Music”. Seb Jaeger from Filmstro talked with me about “Seeing Music”, and how to differentiate between different intensities of the musical properties Momentum, Depth and Power when watching movies.
Watch episode 3, a tutorial of the upcoming Filmstro Premiere Pro plugin, by clicking here. 

This time, we are applying this knowledge and doing our own version of that. In other words, we look at the psychology of music for film and apply those three properties accordingly.

Watch for yourself to understand more and enjoy! And don’t forget to enter our …


Film Scoring Competition!

Please head over to for details on how to enter the competition. Using the Filmstro app, you will be able to score one of 5 pieces of sample footage. The submissions will be reviewed by a jury and the best submissions will win the following prizes:

  • RØDE Boompole Pro, SM4-R, NTG4+ and Newsshooter Kit
  • Zhiyun-Tech Crane-M Camera Stabiliser Gimbal
  • Zacuto $650 Gift voucher
  • 10 FilmConvert licenses
  • 4 x $250 bundles from Mister Horse
  • 10 Filmstro For-Profit Licenses

All the details on the Filmstro page!

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