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The Pocket Jib Traveler was introduced by Kessler a few months ago – and ever since I saw it at NAB 2013, I couldn’t wait to try it myself.

One big downside of jibs and cranes is their size – they are often bulky and difficult to transport, and the setup usually takes a while. The Pocket Jib Traveler does away with this – it’s the smallest and most portable jib I have ever encountered.

The good stuff: you can put it onto your normal tripod. In my test, I simply used my Sachtler FSB8 (a 75mm bowl head) with the Pocket Jib Traveler, so it wasn’t a heavy duty tripod – and it worked just fine. Also, the jib is extremely easy to set up – as you can see in the review video, it’s very simple to pull out the joint to twist it into its “jib state”.


Circular travel distance of 72 inches when fully extended: The Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler

I am amazed that the maximum payload is 4.5 kilograms or 10 pounds – I did not test it to the limit but my C300 with a small zoom lens performed just fine. I missed to mention the optional camera platform extender which you should get if you consider to use the Pocket Jib Traveler with a camera that is larger than a DSLR – it just makes it easier and more secure to mount. Of course the system also works with Kessler’s Kwik Release system.

[The only letdown of the product are the missing mounting points for accessories such as monitors, which would have been relatively easy to implement. It’s not a big deal as you can still use clamps with Magic Arms, but it would be nice to see a few 1/4 inch holes alongside the rail on the next iteration of the product.]

Correction: I was notified by Eric Kessler that current models indeed come with a monitor mounting point. Only the first few units where shipped without one, but this was corrected – the review model seems to be one of them.

The jib’s size has me convinced and I think this will be traveling with me on my shoots abroad all the time now. 27 inches (collapsed) are small enough for normal travel bags and saves me the pain of checking it separately into bulky luggage. Neat!

For me it’s a no-brainer to take this with me “just in case” as jib moves can produce nice establishing shots or similar for short documentaries or corporate and commercial jobs which I shoot mostly. This will be a “Traveler” indeed!!

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