Musicbed Release New High Quality Stock Service – Filmsupply

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Musicbed Release New High Quality Stock Service - Filmsupply

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The Musicbed team has announced Filmsupply, a new service that brings a catalogue of high quality licensed & commissionable footage for brands agencies and filmmakers.

As a filmmaker I’m sure you have your own preconceptions of the term stock footage, those that have used stock in the past will know how much of a grueling affair it can be sifting through collection upon collection of clips to find that one gem.

Going back a few years, it was a very similar process for finding music for films; there was a distinct gap in quality between licensable and un-licensable (within a reasonable budget) music.

The Musicbed were one of the companies that helped bridge that gap, bringing us a fantastic collection of quality licensed music, they plan to do the same for video stock with Filmsupply.

Daniel McCarthy, founder and CEO of Musicbed & Filmsupply:

“For years, film directors and producers have looked to Musicbed for quality music to help tell their stories, while also supporting great musicians…We are launching Filmsupply to further connect and serve our community of filmmakers, giving them a way to monetize hours and hours of amazing footage that was previously left on the cutting room floor.”

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So, how does Filmsupply differ? It’s not just the same as the rest but with trending branding, right?

It differs in the fact that there’s an application process, you must be approved before you can start contributing footage. Time will tell how rigorous the application process will be but judging from the success of Musicbed, you could say it’s in good hands.

Filmsupply have recruited filmmakers no less than the likes of Shane Hurlbut, Phillip Bloom and Salomon Ligthelm to get stock levels going and setting the benchmark nice and high.

“No matter where you insert it, stock will always look like stock… With Filmsupply, you don’t have to sort through low quality content because they have pre-screened it to give you the best.” Shane Hurlbut, ASC.

Filmsupply will provide footage in both full HD and 4K form, the latter consisting of over 75% of content. Catalogues are broken down into simply genres (animals, business and industry, landscape etc.).

For better quality content pricing is, as you’d expect it to be; a little more expensive than some other big stock websites.

I sifted around the site a little, and a standard FullHD clip for promotional use 1-500 employees was around $200, $50 more where 4K was available. It was nice to see raw downloads as an option for compatible content also.

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Filmsupply also provides a project delivery service. Submit a brief and the Filmsupply will “match you with the perfect filmmaker and timeline for your project”.

For more information check out the Filmsupply website.

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