NAB ’11 – Dedo TECPRO Felloni: new hq LED at low price

This is one of the last NAB 2011 videos by cinema5D, yet it’s one of the more intriguing new products we’ve seen. Especially if you’re into LED lighting this one could be very interesting for you.

Where I come from (Austria) Dedo Weigert is a name well known in the film industry. His lighting company carries the same name and you can find their stuff right next to Arri and KinoFlo lights in production houses.

This year Dedo Weigert introduced the “Felloni” LED panel which they have developed under their partner company Dedotec (a bunch of electronics and precision mechanics specialists) and some other foreign technicians and named the series TECPRO. It’s all very confusing with the names I know, but the result is a pretty decent LED lighting solution.

Here’s what this light can do:

– very high CRI of 84
( = good light color)
– half the price of most other LED panels
– water resistant (rainproof)
– lightweight and robust fixture
– Detachable/Extendable dimmer (included)
– Foldable diffuser (included)
– Uses 24 watts (half of most other panels)
– more output than most other panels
– magnetic frame for filters

Powering options:
– V-Mount battery plate 14V
– Sony NP-F battery plate 7,2V
– Ac input 12V (mains ps included)


Normal version either tungsten or daylight:
US: should be around $900
Europe: around 600€

You might say that’s a lot, but if you know LED panel prices this should shock you. There is also a Bicolor version (continuosly adjustable from tungsten to daylight) for around $1000. The 1×1 LED series by Litepanels is a great tool but I think at $2600 they will have to do something about their pricing.
TECPRO also has a high output (576 leds instead of 324) version for around 1000€ and low profile versions (for ceiling mount) as well and all of them are available in 15°, 30° or 50° angles (spot/flood).

Unfortunately in the US and the rest of the world these lights are not available in a click to buy kind of fashion. You will have to either contact resellers or order from Dedolight USA directly.

In Europe the lights are more commonly available. For example here.

Wired DMX control unit:

And here’s one more mindblowing gimmick:
I roughly remember one of the major developers of the Felloni telling me that you can control I think some hundred thousand of these units simultaneously via a wireless DMX module across 1000-1500 feet (400 meters).
Price and availability for these units is not here yet, but it certainly won’t be cheap.

Here’s the Dedo Weigert website:
Dedo Weigert Europe
Dedolight USA

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