OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition Fluid Head Introduced

OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition Fluid Head Introduced

OConnor is celebrating the 75th anniversary of selling the first OConnor tripod to Walt Disney in 1949 by introducing the Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition fluid head. This head features improved platform ergonomics, a back-illuminated level bubble, and an improved center lock, among other upgrades. Let’s take a look at this release!

OConnor is an American company founded in 1949 by Chadwell O’Connor. Passionate about steam locomotives, he designed and built a fluid head camera support that allowed his camera to follow the moving trains without jumps. One day, while filming trains at Glendale Station, a man asked him if he could build a fluid head for his new film. The man was Walt Disney, the movie ‘The Living Desert’, and the story marked the company’s beginnings.

OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition
The new back-illuminated level bubble avoids reflections of the LED. Source: OConnor.

OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum edition for the 75th anniversary

After that encounter, OConnor became one of the film industry standards in support systems, and the company now introduces the Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition fluid head to celebrate the 75th anniversary of that encounter. The Ultimate 2575E features OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for accurate balance throughout the tilt range. This system combines with a stepless pan and tilt fluid drag for control and stability. The Platinum edition features an infinite drag adjustment to perform movements at different speeds.

The 2575E Classic features:

  • Payload Range: It supports 0 – 105 lbs (0 – 47.7 kg) at a 6” center of gravity height above the platform.
  • Counterbalance Crank with a numerical readout.
  • Operator-friendly controls are conveniently placed on the operator’s side.
  • Versatile platform: includes four handle rosettes.
  • Soft Hand Rest: positioned on the left-hand side for comfort.
OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition center lock
The improved center lock prevents the head from engaging accidentally in the middle of a scene. Source: OConnor.

The new Platinum edition adds these upgrades: 

  • Stainless Steel Center Lock: Remains secure in both on and off positions.
  • New Platform Release Mechanism: Adjusts fore and aft, allowing for single-handed operation.
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Cover: Replaces the classic plastic cover for the balance mechanism.
  • Improved Level Bubble Illumination: Allows for easy viewing in any position.
  • Clear Mitchell Key Position Marker: Enhances setup speed.
  • Fresh Design: Features a gray colorway with black detailing.

Price and availability

The OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Limited Edition Fluid Head is priced at $20,805.00 and is now available from Oconnor’s official dealers and rental houses.

What do you think about the OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Limited Edition Fluid Head? Have you used an OConnor tripod before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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