OWL – Quick Change Filter Adapter for Mirrorless Cameras

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OWL - Quick Change Filter Adapter for Mirrorless Cameras

How many times have you wished for a quicker, easier way to change filters on your lens? Let’s face it. It’s not fun. Taking the time to switch out filters can easily lead to a missed shot. And that’s assuming you can actually get the filter off your lens. How many times has your filter just been stuck?
Well, check out this cool project on Indiegogo for a unique filter adapter for mirrorless cameras. It’s called the OWL. This little device sits in between your camera body and the lens, and allows you to quickly change your filter. Check out their video to see how it works.

How nice would it be to have one set of 52mm filters and NOT have to use filter thread adapters every time you want to use a different size lens? Or to have one variable ND filter to use on all of your lenses, again without having to use filter thread adapters? Sounds pretty cool to me.

There are a few things, however, that you need to be aware of if you consider this product:

  • The OWL works with mirrorless cameras only. You cannot attach the adapter to a DSLR camera body.
  • It accepts a specific filter size: 52mm thread, with a filter ring diameter of 54mm and a thickness of 5mm.
  • You cannot stack filters. So if you like to use more than one filter, then just realize you’ll be restricted to just one filter.
  • It does not provide electronic control of Canon EF/EF-s lenses. So if you tried to use these lenses with the adapter you would have no control over the aperture.

But for those with a mirrorless camera, this looks like a great project to support.

The OWL costs $79 for early birds. Check out their Indiegogo page HERE


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