Pandora DSLR Optimizer – A Unique Camera Rig

Pandora DSLR Optimizer - A Unique Camera Rig


The Pandora DSLR Optimizer is a one stop camera rig for sound, power, and stabilization for your DSLR.

Let’s face it. Shooting with a DSLR can be challenging. It’s a never ending pursuit of that perfect balance between quality images, a decent camera rig for stable shots, high quality audio, and an efficient power solution. Well, a team from Argentina have a solution you might want to consider. The Pandora DSLR Optimizer is currently in the crowdfunding stage, but the information available on it certainly catches the eye.


This unique camera rig promises to be a solution for all sound, power, and stabilization needs for your DSLR. On the audio front, it features dual-channel preamps, headphone outputs, dual XLR inputs, and phantom power. As a power solution, it packs quite the punch. It has the capacity of 14 Canon LP-E8 batteries, features outputs for camera and accessories, a separate audio battery that can be charged via an on-board solar panel, and even USB connections to charge your cell phone because… heh, why not? The device can be handheld and pressed up against your shoulder for quick and easy stabilization. But you can also attach a shoulder mount or even a handle for alternate configurations. There are even slots for your SD cards. This barely touches on all of the promised features, so be sure to check out the full list below.

PandoraDSLROptimizer2 PandoraDSLROptimizer4 PandoraDSLROptimizer3

Now, needless to say this camera rig looks… well, odd. It doesn’t really have the ergonomics of virtually anything else on the market. But then again, most people shooting on a DSLR have accepted the fact that the ergonomics are unique. The Pandora DSLR Optimizer is currently in the crowdfunding stage with a current delivery date of December 2015 (September if you want to buy a working prototype), so for now check out some of these videos.

Be sure to check out more info visiting their Indiegogo page.


  • Audio:
    • Dual-Channel Preamps
    • Audio bracketing on Camera
    • Headphone Output for direct monitoring
    • Headphone Amplifier with volume control
    • Dual-Channel Vu-meter
    • In-Line Attenuator -20db
    • Dual XLR Balanced Inputs
    • Dual 1/4″ jacks (6.5mm)
    • Dual 3.5mm Stereo MIC inputs
    • Phantom Power +48v for Left & Right Channels
    • Gold-Plated Connectors
    • Microphone (Stretch Goal)
  • Power:
    • More than 14000 MaH Lithium-Ion Power
    • One DC 7.4v output for camera
    • Two DC 7.4v outputs for accessories
    • Switch to DC to 12v output
    • Two USB 5v outputs
    • Solar charger
    • Micro USB 5v output
    • Dual Voltmeter
    • Replaceable battery pack
    • External battery USB charger (Add On)
  • Stabilization
    • Shoulder Mount
    • Handle
    • Tripod mounts 1/4-20 & 3/8-16
    • Argentinean leather hand strap
    • Anti-sliding rubber grip
    • Optional extra weight re-positioning
    • Approximately 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) w/ batteries
  • Extra
    • Interchangeable camera model grip
    • Incorporated front LED light
    • SD Holders
    • Accessories port
    • GPS Tracker (Stretch Goal)
    • Charge your phone
    • Modular design for add-ons
    • Internal Intervalometer (Stretch Goal)
    • Rail support system (Add On)


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