pCloud Offers up to 85% Off Lifetime Subscriptions This Week

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pCloud Offers up to 85% Off Lifetime Subscriptions This Week

From February 13th to 17th, pCloud is running Valentine’s Day deals with up to 85% off their lifetime subscriptions. For example, you can get a 500GB lifetime plan for $139 instead of $570, or pCloud encrypted cloud storage services for $115 instead of $575. This offer deserves a closer look

If you are not familiar with the pCloud service, let me give you a short overview: pCloud is a Swiss cloud storage provider that can be simply described as a credible alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive, both of which have their own issues. Before diving into their current special deals, watch this presentation video below to find out more about pCloud, or read our in-depth review.

pCloud main features

And here are all the important main features:

  • Automatic incremental backups (like Backblaze)
  • Folder sync (like Dropbox) or a mounted drive
  • File recovery up to a year back
  • Folder sharing, file requests, public link sharing
  • Unlimited up- and download speeds
  • External sync (Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, Google Photos)
  • Standard TSL/SSL encryption
  • Optional add-on 256AES encryption, client-side encryption, and zero-knowledge privacy
  • GDPR-Compliance
  • Data region choice
  • Yearly and lifetime plans
  • Individual, Family, and Business plans
  • Apps for Windows, Mac (Intel & M1), iOS, Android, and Linux
pCloud Valentines Day Sale
pCloud Valentine’s Day deals. Source: pCloud

Valentine’s Day deals

Starting today, pCloud is running several different Valentine’s Day deals, and you can get the following deals to save up to 85%. These offers expire on February 17th.

  • Lifetime Plan 500GB – $139 instead of $570 (76% OFF)
  • Lifetime Plan 2TB – $279 instead of %1.140 (76% OFF)
  • Lifetime Plan 10TB – $890 instead of $6.000 (85% OFF)
  • pCloud Encryption – $115 instead of $575 (80% OFF)
  • Just to clarify, the Limetime Plan with pCloud means, you only pay for the service once and can use it for an unlimited time. So, no monthly/yearly payments, and no hidden fees – it’s just one payment to get you secure lifetime cloud storage. It’s pretty neat and we’re using pCloud at CineD internally a lot now.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. CineD might earn a small commission if you make any purchase. Thanks for helping to keep our lights on!

What do you think about pCloud’s Valentine’s Day deals? Have you been thinking of subscribing? Or are you already using pCloud? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section down below!


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