SLR Magic Releases MicroPrime Cine Lenses for FUJIFILM X-Mount and Adds Ultra-wide Angle

SLR Magic Releases MicroPrime Cine Lenses for FUJIFILM X-Mount and Adds Ultra-wide Angle

SLR Magic expands their MicroPrime lens range. They released two new ultra-wide angle cine lenses – the 12mm T2.8 for APS-C sensors and 15mm T3.5 for full-frame sensors. Furthermore they released the whole MicroPrime range of lenses for the FUJIFILM X-Mount.

Hong Kong based lens manufacturer SLR Magic is known for producing very affordable, fully manual lenses. Their cinema prime lens line called MicroPrime has been out there for a while now in its E-Mount version. Few of these cinema lenses are also available for micro four thirds mount. Based on demand and responding to their users, SLR Magic is now offering the whole selection of MicroPrime cinema lenses for the FUJIFILM X-Mount.

SLR Magic MicroPrime Cine for FUJIFILM X-Mount

FUJIFILM mirrorless cameras are getting more and more popular among filmmakers. Their APS-C cameras tick lots of boxes on filmmakers’ wishlists, such as high framerates and resolutions, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording with high bitrates, and overall ergonomics. If you want to know more, check our FUJIFILM X-T3 review.

Because of the increased popularity, SLR Magic decided to port the whole existing MicroPrime E-Mount line to the X-Mount. That means there are now 7 lenses available for the FUJIFILM X-Mount:

  • 12mm T2.8
  • 15mm T3.5
  • 18mm T2.8
  • 25mm T1.5
  • 35mm T1.3
  • 50mm T1.2
  • 75mm T1.5

All lenses feature full manual control, they have a 82mm thread front and an 85mm front diameter for clamp on matte box. All lenses have 0.8 Mod geared rings and are almost identical in form factor and weight. All those lenses except the 12mm focal length are able to cover full-frame sensor in their E-Mount version. The 12mm lens only covers APS-C sensor. For current FUJIFILM X-Mount cameras APS-C coverage is of course enough.

New Ultra-wide Angle MicroPrime Cine Lenses

The 12mm T2.8 MicroPrime cine lens is actually brand new lens for the E-Mount as well. As I mentioned above, it only covers APS-C sensors, so it can’t be used on the a7 series mirrorless cameras in full-frame mode without vignetting.

That’s why SLR Magic also announced new 15mm T3.5 cine lens for E-Mount, which covers full-frame sensors. With slight design adjustments and optical optimisation, these 2 new focal lengths will now round out the MicroPrime lens range and provide more choice and versatility.

Technical specs of SLR Magic MicroPrime cine lens range. Source: SLR Magic

All new SLR Magic MicroPrime cine lenses are available now. For the focal lengths of 18mm and above, the price is set to $599 USD per lens. Both new ultra-wide angle lenses – 12mm T2.8 (APS-C) and 15mm T3.5 (full-frame) are priced at $499 USD.

Review Currently in the Works

We are currently working on a review of these new lenses – paired up with the quite brilliant FUJIFILM X-T3, they should shine – we’ll find out and will let you know in a separate post and video.

What do you think of the SLR Magic MicroPrime cine lens range? Have you ever used them on a shoot? How is the image quality given the attractive price? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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