Sony “Missing Link” Camera Press Conference LIVE Stream

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Sony "Missing Link" Camera Press Conference LIVE Stream

Sony is likely releasing a new camera today that will come in somewhere between their FS700 and FS7 cameras. They teased it with the image below …

We are live streaming the event from the press conference which starts at 9 am CET / 8 am GMT. This post will also be live updated as the event happens with information and thoughts, please refresh this page frequently!


– Things are almost ready to get started on the Sony #missinglink conference, we have team members both on the IBC floor and watching from a far to bring you the latest news. We’ll be updating this article as and when news is announced.

Sony IBC

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– And we’re live, the compere takes to the stage to introduce us to IBC 2015.

– Katsunori Yamanouchi Vice President of Sony is on stage.

–  Adam Fry, Head of Media Solutions is now up top. talking about the wow factor of recent Sony 4K application. No meaty goods just yet.

– He’s talking about the current 4K broadcast  HDC-4300 and it’s involvement in the Champions League final this year.

– Now onto the Sony FS7, new camera imminent…

– PXW FS5 has been announced! we have a name

– 0.8kg weight.

– Electronic ND

– Snap off handle like FS7

– Screen looks very similar to FS7 but more twist action

– 240fps

– It’ll also have S-log 3 and raw via output.

– ohh another camera. A7S mark II

– 4K internal as expected. and talk about high ISO performance, probably picking up where the A7R II lets off.

– We’re moving ono a dynamic range monitor now. Look nice on a screen through a camera broadcasted and streamed on an iMac retina…

– Here’s what the FS5 looks like


– The weight of this could be great for gimbal work.

– We’re onto OB trucks in the room, let’s talk more about the cameras for now.

– As predicted the FS5 will sit right between the FS7 and FS700 for now.

– No long adjustable arm like the FS7, but probably a good thing as it leaves third party companies to specialise specifically in that piece, the Sony attempt for the FS7 was pretty poor.

– We’ll grab some more info on the A7S mark II from the floor, it was literally on stage for a minute whilst Sony struggled to take a picture of it (they forgot to turn it on :) )

– Some more pics:

IMG_1908 IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1908

Here it is alongside the FS7Sony FS5

And that’s a wrap! Check out our specific FS5 article for more info the camera

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