Switronix Announces VoltBridge Battery Monitor – NAB 2015

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Switronix Announces VoltBridge Battery Monitor - NAB 2015

VoltbridgewebSwitronix has announced a new battery monitoring system called VoltBridge. The device connects to a mobile app that will push notifications when battery levels drop to a certain amount.

The device monitors battery levels on up to 25 devices. A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Transmiter/Receiver is installed on the battery mount plate of leading manufacturers. It will also be offered as a power tap BLE dongle or 4 pin XLR. The device sends a signal to an app available for both iOS and Android. For lower quality batteries it will only provide voltage levels, but on higher end batteries it can provide percentage or time remaining.



The user can set 3 different warning levels based on Voltage, Percentage, or Runtime. Notifications will be pushed to the device running the app when the battery drops to the selected warning level.

VoltBridge will be available in June and looks to be an interesting way to accurately monitor remaining battery levels.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Transmiter/Receiver
  • Installed in Battery Mount Plate, Power tap, or 4 pin XLR
  • Connects to up to 25 devices
  • Monitors Voltage, Percentage, or Runtime
  • App available for iOS or Android
  • Notifications pushed when battery levels hit selected warning levels


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