Video: An in depth look at the new Sony F5 / F55

November 19th, 2012 Jump to Comment Section

If you were keen on actually seeing the F5 and F55 cameras operated here’s a nice video in which Richard Lewis, Cinematography & Product Specialist from Sony shows you around their new babies.

Recently the Yen prices for the new cameras have popped up (LINK) ahead of official announcement (apparently by mistake). A rough conversion of the prices gives us the following (seems to be before tax):

Sony F55: $34k
Sony F5: $20k
the R5 RAW recorder: $5.8k
oled EVF: $6.5k
normal EVF: $3.9k
7″ LCD: $5.3k
olivine Batteries: $579
RAW card reader: $763
6-lens kit: $30k
3-lens kit: $17k

And these are expected to ship in February 2013.

You can pre-order this bank account sweeper at B&H: LINK

And we also have another discount pre-order code for Europe, but the final pricing is not official there yet, so you can only make a deposit for pre-order:
CODE: 311212C5DF55 (gives you 500€ off, for what it’s worth)
Insert at checkout when pre-ordering the Sony F5 or Sony F55 at A.F. Marcotec.

More info on the cameras in our announcement article: LINK

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