Wooden Camera UFF-1 – a Universal Follow Focus for $1,950

The quest for a truly universal follow focus continues. Wooden Camera has introduced a promising solution, the Wooden Camera UFF-1, which includes an impressive lineup of accessories aimed at nearly every type of system.

Wooden Camera UFF-1

Image: Wooden Camera

The Wooden Camera UFF-1 is the first follow focus compatible with 15mm LW, 15mm Studio, and 19mm rods without the use of any additional adapters. At a price point of $1,955 for the “Pro” package, the UFF-1 is comparably priced to other premium dual follow focuses from brands such as Arri and Chrosziel.

Tilta also has a slightly cheaper ($1,699) dual follow focus system, but it can’t claim the luxury of being “universal”.

Image: Wooden Camera

Included Gear Attachments:
.5 mod for Canon ENG
.6 mod for Fujinon ENG
.8 mod small diameter for Cinema Lenses
.8 mod large diameter for Cinema Lenses
Friction Gear for DSLR lenses without gears.

Included Items:
1x Adjustable Bridge with Rod Clamps
2x Hand Wheels
2x Hard Stop Discs
10x Standard Marking Discs
1x Hand Wheel Extension
1x Focus Whip
1x Focus Crank
5x Focus Gears
1x Custom Cut Foam for a Pelican 1500 Case (not included)


  • $1,955.00 (Pro Package)
  • $1,250.00 (Base Package)

Availability: Available for pre-order from B&H HERE.

What’s your favorite dual follow focus solution? Let us know in the comments below!

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