Zeiss & Smartphone Photography Company Fellowes Brands Announce iPhone Lens Trio

January 7th, 2016
Zeiss & Smartphone Photography Company Fellowes Brands Announce iPhone Lens Trio

Zeiss has teamed up with Fellowes Brands to announce an intriguing new product line at CES. The duo utilizes Fellowes Brands pedigree of smartphone photography technology and Zeiss’ wealth of lens manufacturing history to bring an iPhone lens trio. 

Zeiss iPhone Lens

Pictured is the existing Exolens accessory mount by Fellowes Brands. It provides a solid platform to mount an additional iPhone lens, as well as a 1.4″ thread on the bottom for further mounting.

Zeiss have provided the optics to make up 3 new lenses for the iPhone 6; a wide, tele, and macro zoom lens.

“The first three lenses – wide-angle, telephoto and macro – are scheduled to be launched in late Q2 2016. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses offer excellent image performance with outstanding edge-to-edge contrast. The macro lens features a zoom function – unique for accessory lenses of this type – for flexible image composition. The new lenses can be used on the Apple® iPhone® with customized mounting brackets.”

Zeiss iPhone Lens_2

All lenses utilize Zeiss’ trademark T* coating for anti-reflection. It also “minimizes reflections at the glass-to-air surfaces and improves the transmission of light.”

The Zeiss Mutar Exo-Lens Wide is a 0.6x lens adaptor that will increase your iPhone field of view by 40%.

The Zeiss Mutar Exo-Lens Tele is a 2.0x lens adaptor that will double your iPhone field of view.

The Zeiss Vario-Proxar Exo-Lens Macro is interesting:

“It is currently also the only accessory lens for mobile phones to offer a continuous zoom function, permitting the full-frame capture of objects with diameters of between three and twelve centimeters. An optionally attachable and semi-transparent diffuser serves as a spacer, allowing light to shine evenly on the object to be photographed and enabling convenient focusing, even with a short object distance and shallow depth of field.”

Zeiss iPhone Lens_31

The iPhone lens trio for the 6/6 Plus will look to ship Q2 this year.

Here are some images Zeiss released taken with the set of iPhone lens, check here for more.

Zeiss iPhone Lens_4 Zeiss iPhone Lens_5 Zeiss iPhone Lens_6 Zeiss iPhone Lens_7


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sanveer mehlwal
sanveer mehlwal
MemberJanuary 8th, 2016

I have never understood this. Adding a lens on a Smartphone lens is like adding a lens on a camera like a Sony RX1. It already has a (fixed focus) lens.

If accessory makers are genuinely interested in improving Optics, they should make accessories which remove the lenses between the smartphone sensor and the last lens, and genuinely improve the quality of optics.

This is like a half done job. IMHO

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