3DR Solo Drones A Big Hit At NAB 2015

3DR Solo Drones A Big Hit At NAB 2015


Drones were a big hit at NAB this year, but one that received a lot of attention was the 3DR Solo. It is designed to work with GoPro cameras and has some interesting Smart Shot features that make capturing drone shots an intuitive process.


The Solo is designed for those with and without experience flying a drone. The controller looks like a video game controller and has a mount for your mobile device. The controller also includes a HDMI port to connect with an external monitor. The accompanying Solo app (iOS and Android) connects via built-in WiFi providing a live video stream and complete control over the copter and camera.

3DRSolo_2 3DRSolo_3

But perhaps where the Solo really stands out is in its Smart Shot features via its gimbal and onboard computer. Each feature allows you to set up a desired shot and then execute it by tapping a “play” button.

Smart Shot

  • CableCam: The flight path is locked onto a virtual cable in the air. This frees up the operator to focus on panning and tilting the camera without worrying about the flight path.
  • Orbit : Solo locks on to an object and then tracks it in a circular path.
  • Selfie: Definitely a unique way to take a selfie. As the camera flies up and back it tracks you. When it reaches the top of its path it will return and land where it took off.
  • Follow: Solo locks on to your mobile device and follows you.

3DRSolo_4 3DRSolo_5 3DRSolo_6 3DRSolo_7

The Solo is expected to start shipping in May for $995 (gimbal not included).


  • Compatible with GoPro cameras
  • Controller connects via built-in WiFi
  • Solo App (iOS and Android)
  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Smart Shot (CableCam, Orbit, Selfie, & Follow)


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