A Vlog That Pays the Bills – with Jehu Garcia – ON THE GO – Episode 71

October 8th, 2017

This week on ON THE GO, we dive a little deeper into the environmental focus of the Jehu Garcia YouTube channel.

Jehu Garcia showed interest in electric automobiles the moment he started looking to purchase a new car – that’s when he first came across Tesla and the big advances that were being made in the e-car industry. However, upon discovering the long waiting lists for some of the Tesla models, Jehu decided to embark upon a different quest.

Jehu Garcia

Inspired by his love of the VW Hippie Van, Jehu went on to document his journey of converting one of these iconic cars to an electric motor, acquiring thousands of followers along the way. His exploration of this side of technology has recently also led him to document the rise of the Power Pack – the battery of the future that could power an entire house or a business.

The case of Jehu Garcia is truly an example of successfully using your filmmaking skills to pursue your own particular interests with great results. This one is certainly worth a watch!

Check out Jehu Garcia’s YouTube channel here.

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