Adobe Creative Cloud for CS6 is $240 off during August

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Adobe is really pushing their Creative Cloud now that CS6 is out since May.

Maybe they didn’t get as many subscriptions as they intended to get, maybe this whole cloud thing is just too new and complicated for people to really pick it up.
Anyway, they’re now really driving the ad mill and throwing out a deal until the end of August. You’ve got to own any previous Adobe CS app (CS3 or higher) and they give you $29.95/month instead of $49.95/month for the whole first year.

Adobe Creative Cloud explained (again):
Basically is the whole Creative Suite (CS6 as the real apps!) with some advanced cloud sharing features (like Apple iCloud), but you’re paying on a monthly basis, just as long as you use the Suite, much like an App Store if you will.

The cloud version of CS6 will set you back $600 $360 (with August deal) a year while the retail version of the whole bundle (“Master Collection“) is $2599 and the lighter, filmmaking oriented package “Production Premium CS6” is $1799. And since we can expect another next version next year anyway that’s a pretty good deal for a serious suite like that.

The downside is that you cannot use the cloud on a month-by-month basis, so you cannot only use it during September while editing and save the money cause you’re out shooting during October.

Maybe Adobe wants to take over the disappointed Final Cut Pro people before Final Cut Pro X really takes off (if ever). It’s a fact that you’ve got to put in more braincells to learn CS6 than any Apple product.
Get started with Adobe Creative Cloud (yearly plan) for $29.95: LINK

For Europe:
Adobe Creative Cloud (yearly plan) for 36,89€ (instead of 61,49€): LINK

Why is it more expensive in Europe? Because we have taxes.

Here are 10 free Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorials Andrew Devis to get you started on Premiere CS6:

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