Adobe Premiere Pro CC June Update

Adobe Premiere Pro CC June Update

premiere pro logoAdobe has released another update to its Creative Cloud service, this article will look at the changes made to the non-linear editing platform Premiere Pro.

There are some great looking new features; getting right into it, I have highlighted the most significant changes to the fast becoming favorite Premiere Pro CC.

Live Text Templates
Live TextLive Text creates interaction with After Effects (2014 and onwards) to bring more advanced, editable text and graphics content within Premiere Pro.

Taking advantage of After Effects superior features in graphical and text creation, construct your design and export as a Template.

Import your Template file into Premiere Pro and you can then edit basic text information.

This is a great feature for designing graphics such as nametags that are a little advanced for Premiere Pro. Rather than having to export each strap line separately from After Effects with an alpha channel, simply export the template and amend all text details in Premiere Pro. Not only will this save time, but will also save on hard drive space with reduced external assets to your project.

Masking and Tracking
Adobe has now included tracking features to all effects found within Premiere Pro. Watch the below video for a good walk through on this feature.

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This has good potential for secondary color correction also, tracking aspects of the image to make subtle adjustments. Working similarly to power windows within Resolve, but on a simpler platform for faster application.

Master Clip Effects
A simple but powerful feature, you can now add any type of effect to a file in the master bin which will affect all relative clips in all timelines. Watch the below video for an explanation:

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Whilst it won’t be suitable on every project, it will be a fantastic time saver on some.

Typekit Integration
Typekit, a vast online resource for fonts and typefaces is now integrated into Creative Cloud. Simply browse the website, and add favorite type faces to your Creative Cloud account. All downloaded typefaces will be accessible through the native drop down menus in Premiere Pro (and all CC programs).

AutoSave to Cloud
Another fantastic feature is the addition of cloud-based autosaves for Premiere Pro projects. Its paramount to every professional edit workflow that your autosave files are located on a different drive to your working project. This provides greater security of your project, as multiple versions of your project files are saved over different drives. Enabling cloud-based autosaves adds another level of security; you no longer have to worry about creating a third backup of projects.

Maintain Pitch During Scrubbing
All previous FCP 7 users will appreciate this update. Audio will now maintain the correct pitch when scrubbing faster or slower in both directions. This makes audio much easier to monitor and understand when fine-tuning.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 18.28.39

Enhanced Graphics Performance in Mercury Playback Engine
Greater performance due to OpenCL workflow improvements, a GPU debayer for RED media, and new support for Intel Iris.

New delivery formats
Export to industry-standard AS11 for broadcast and Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for screening rooms. Both formats include associated metadata. Also, export stereo audio to Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.

New Native Format Supportamira1
Extended support for editing with native camera formats. The Arri Amira has now been added to the already impressive list, as well as Sony STtP, Canon RAW and improvements to CinemaDNG.

Streamlined voiceover recording
Voiceover recording has now become simpler, the new feature enables recording directly to the timeline with just one click. Access to audio input settings, recording preferences, and signal monitoring is now within reach from the Timeline panel.

For a look at more new features with the June update for Premiere Pro CC, check out the list here.

There was much scepticism about Adobes choice to go completely subscription based with their software. One thing for sure is that they are sticking to their end of the bargain -the CC suite is maintained regularly and each update is packed full of new, useful features.

As a fairly new Premiere Pro user, simple updates such as maintained audio pitch are warmly received; making everyday tasks easier. As a professional editor, larger updates such as enhanced graphics performance, in-built tracking and Live Text provide a more powerful self-standing editing platform, increasing workflow and productivity.

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