Unlimited Music Licensing at a Crazy Low Price

January 27th, 2016 Unlimited Music Licensing at a Crazy Low Price

artio1_1, a new startup out of Israel, is due to release their music-licensing service next month. But with some well-established providers dominating the market, will Art-List be bringing anything new to the table?

The music-licensing business has been growing steadily in recent years. Gone are expensive and often frustratingly project-inadequate CD libraries of yore, having given way to the new model of licensing on a track-by-track basis through online providers. However, although the big players in the industry have streamlined the process of finding the right music track, this ease-of-use comes at a price.

Whether you go with the enhanced music discovery design of the recently relaunched Musicbed, or Premiumbeat‘s handy loop sets, the cost of a single track for personal use will come in at around $40. Prices increase drastically with more professional licenses: tracks for commercial purposes and a large audience can easily exceed the $400 mark.

That’s where comes in. Their yearly subscription fee of $199 for unlimited, universal licensing is bound to stir things up.

Considering the annual investment works out at just under $17 a month, Art-List will be ideal for independent filmmakers, as well as professionals wanting to keep a close eye on their budget, assuming that the tracks will be up to the standard of quality set by the competition.

With their subscription costing less than a single professional license through the competition, the Art-List library— which currently consists of around 1000 tracks and counting—might be in high demand.


There is no word yet as to whether they will offer features similar to those of the competition. But at this price point, I know I wouldn’t mind spending a little longer looking for the right track for my next project if necessary. will launch in late February, and you can sign up for their newsletter here to receive 5 selected songs for free!

Will you be trying to find that next ukelele, xylophone, and tambourine masterpiece?


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Drew Geraci
MemberJanuary 27th, 2016

Great concept, but it’s hard to take seriously due to their over-modulated and poorly equalized marketing video. If you’re trying to sell sound, it should sound professional. It shouldn’t sound like it was captured with the onboard camera mic of a 5DMk3.

Alex Fagard
MemberJanuary 27th, 2016

Exactly. Really bothered me as well. I really hope they didn’t pay for this.

Luca Acerbi
MemberJanuary 28th, 2016

Let’s wait to test their music catalog as soon it will be available

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