Atomos Shogun Update 6.4 – Adds FS700 RAW & FS7 RAW Recording

Atomos Shogun Update 6.4 - Adds FS700 RAW & FS7 RAW Recording

Atomos-Shogun-6.4The new firmware for the Atomos Shogun is here. AtomOS 6.4 released today adds FS700 RAW & FS7 RAW recording and some other anticipated features to the HD disk recorder.

AtomOS 6.4 adds the following features:

  • FS700 & FS7 4K-DCI RAW to ProRes/DNxHR record
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze including 2x, 1.5x, 1.33x and Panasonic 8:3 modes
  • Pre-roll recording (up to 8s in HD and 2s in 4K)
  • Custom time lapse recording – Keyframe
  • LUTs can be applied on output, in recording, on screen & split screen
  • Playlist generation of all clips on the disk, user selected clips, cut edited favourite clips or a combination of both.
  • Expanded meta data tagging – Wide shot, close up, Talent 1 or 2, Over exposed, Bad Audio, Colour correction and cut away. FCPX 1.4 XML upgrade
  • Genlock activated for synced playback and play-out in Genlock environments

It’s nice to finally see the Shogun becomes an alternative to the more expensive Odyssey 7Q+ in terms of recording the 14bit RAW outputs on the Sony FS700 & Sony FS7. However the Shogun can still only record in ProRes or DNxHR at 24/25/30p framerates. There’s no 240 frames per second recording and no recording to a 14bit RAW format (yet).

Upgrade procedure:

  1. Download the update from
  2. Put onto the root folder of an SSD
  3. Insert SSD into Shogun when it’s off
  4. Power on with AC power or a full battery
  5. Wait until the firmware upgrade is complete (can take a while)


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