Bright Tangerine EOS C500 Mark II Left Field Cage – Snap On/Off Dovetail

September 9th, 2019 icon / message-square
Bright Tangerine EOS C500 Mark II Left Field Cage - Snap On/Off Dovetail

New Camera, new accessories. Bright Tangerine has announced the Canon EOS C500 Mark II Left Field Cage, an as-the-name-suggests cage offering multiple accessory mounting points, top and bottom rail mounts as well as a snap on, snap off ARRI Dovetail baseplate system.

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II (our first-look video can be found here) may be the most ergonomically conscious Cinema Camera Canon has made to date. But naturally, with any camera, third party accessories will start to roll out.

Bright Tangerine is quick off the mark with the Canon EOS C500 Mark II Left Field Cage, it seems the UK-based company has focused on stability, weight, and speed with their design.

Bright Tangerine bills the Left Field cage as load-bearing, whilst weighing 1.2kg (2.2. lbs.), 30% lighter than their C200 equivalent.

Starting from the top-down, the top handle is Allen key attachable, with a shoe-like mount on the front for the native screen, there are ARRI spaced ¼ 20” thread on the side and top.

The top plate has an array of ¼ 20” and 3/8” threads, as well as 15mm top rail receivers and a 15mm stud receiver for accessories like the Titan Arm.

Said top plate slides front to back for perfect balance also, nice.

Flanking both sides of the camera you have more 1/4 20” and 3/8” threads, the dumb side also has a rosette receiver.

Both side panels follow the contours of the camera on the operator side, which are far enough forward to not interfere with any of the buttons.

The base offers dual 15mm rods in lightweight configuration, as well as perhaps the Left Field Cages most unique feature, the dovetail receiver.

The ARRI Dovetail receiver snaps on and off, meaning you don’t have to slide the camera off the dovetail; a feature very common in smaller camcorder orientated tripod wedges but has taken some time to transfer into ARRI Dovetail standard.

No price announced yet, but expect an update in the upcoming weeks. The Canon EOS C500 Mark II Left Field Cage will be available as a complete kit or split into individual components (baseplate, top plate, side plates).

Do you have any experience using Bright Tangerine accessories? How is their built quality? If yes, please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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