Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder App Receives Major Update – First Look

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Cadrage Director's Viewfinder App Receives Major Update - First Look

The Cadrage app, a premium director’s viewfinder for iOS, has been re-designed from the ground up to be a key part of a filmmaker’s pre-production process.

Cadrage App Overview

Cadrage is, at its core, a director’s viewfinder app. You choose your camera, your lenses, and your recording format, aspect ratio, etc. Then you can take either photos or videos that accurately simulate the framing and field of view you will have on the day of the real shoot.

And while Cadrage has an excellent interface for that and a plethora of features on that front, what makes it exciting is everything else they’ve laid on top of that solid foundation since their last major update.

cadrage app lenses

Lens and Camera Selection

When you first open the app, Cadrage prompts you to select a camera and a lens (or set of lenses). You can pick from generic primes or zooms at typical focal lengths, you can add your own personal kit, or you can choose from a surprisingly large database of lenses. The selection ranges from Canon L zooms to ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes, with all sorts of anamorphic and oddballs in between. Once you have selected your kit, you can toggle between them on the fly to frame your scene exactly right. And if you swipe left on the screen, you can also find intuitive exposure, focus, and white balance controls to help you dial in the image you want. They also support third-party iPhone lens adapters, such as the Schneider iPro or the Moment lenses.

cadrage app project


Organizing your shots in the Cadrage app is a breeze. You can create different “Projects” to collect and sort your shots, and “Scenes” within those. Here, you can tag and title photos, see their geolocation, add notes, and more. It’s great to be able to track and sort your findings right there in the app, without needing to export to a computer first. This isn’t a headline feature, but it’s an important one.

cadrage app color


This is the big one. The Cadrage app now includes a color-grading feature, where you can create looks with a surprising amount of sophistication. The selected look is then applied directly to the viewfinder, helping you visualize your location with a better approximation of the final image you will get. Several looks are included, but the real treat is to build your own.

cadrage app export


When you are ready to share, Cadrage has you covered as well. From within the app, you can share individual stills or a shotlist in PDF format, with all of your notes, scenes, and metadata right alongside. This clean, detailed format is perfect for sharing with clients, crew, or producers. Doing it all within the app saves time so you can get back to shooting. Cadrage has worked hard to get out of your way and let you make the films you want to make easily and quickly.


You can get Cadrage from the Apple App Store HERE for $19.99. For more information, visit

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