Canon 70D autofocus test-“40mm vs autofocus”

++++Please note, this video sample was taken with a beta quality Canon 70D camera which is producing beta quality images++++

One of the features Canon was proudly presenting with the Canon 70D is a new autofocus mechanism.
For that test I had only one lens supplied by Canon, the EF 40mm f/2.8 STM.

Equipped the camera,lens, circular ND and a Zacuto viewfinder, I’ve decided to shoot in a “home video style” as I can think of many people that will be using the camera and its new autofocus function as their new main holiday camera. (besides, I didn’t want to film in the event with a tripod).

I left many of the shots “as is” so you as a viewer can decide if working with an engaged autofocus makes sense for you.

I must say that the new autofocus mechanism is impressive!. With the right lens and some practise I am sure nice results can be achieved. (not sure if there is a way to lock the autofocus without moving the lens button to MF).

So what are the working options?
You can work with the autofocus engaged in 2 ways. with or without touchscreen.
If you choose working with the touchscreen you might get more accurate and easy to “change focus” results but in my case, this option is useless when shooting outside as I can not judge the right exposure in full daylight when looking at the LCD screen.
The other option is to disable the touchscreen and work with the back wheel. That’s the method I used when shooting this video as I had a Zacuto VF attached to the camera.
Also mote that if you like working with an external monitor, the LCD screen will go blank right after attaching the HDMI cable.

For this test Neutral picture file was used. No CC was applied.
ISO, 160-320
Edited on Adobe Premiere CS6.

Equipment used:
Canon 70D
Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens
Zacuto Z-finder
Light Craft circular ND

From Truth, Dexter Britain!/From-Truth-3985/


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