Canon EOS 1DC review – a closer look at the super 35 mode

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The Canon EOS 1DC, an HDSLR that shoots 4K. Impressive, yet hard to handle in terms of data workflow. But there’s also the super35 crop-mode, that only picks the 35mm portion of its full-frame sensor. We found this mode delivers a very fine, sharp and clean image, a lot nicer than on any other HDSLR before.

Johnnie Behiri took the 1DC out for a spin and shot a short clip to show you a little super35 ALL-I (codec) footage. Make sure you download and see the source clip (IT’S PRORES) on vimeo: LINK

Johnnie Behiri says:Please regard the footage as “work in progress”. (I will try and upload more test footage in different frame rates and camera modes in the near future).

The very short camera test was intended to check how good the S35 All-I mode is “out of the box” ready for delivery.
No CC or sharpness applied in post.

To my opinion this is the first HDSLR camera that can shoot full HD vide in a quality that can rival any good HD camera out there. Please feel free to download the high quality ProRes version and judge it for your self.

Note that the gentleman in the video is waring a jacket that can challenge any camera out there….The 1Dc did very well.

For even better full HD picture quality the camera allows clean HDMI output in all modes. (you can even record 4k to the CF card and simultaneously record HD to Atmos Ninja 2.

Camera strengths:
-Very robust
-Good battery life
-Moire-next to non
-Very good picture quality in S35 mode (if you are after good HD footage)
-Very good picture quality in 4k mode (As seen on a big screen projected in 4k)
-Headphone socket
-Silent audio level operation during recording
-Canon Log
-The smalest camera to record 4k out-there
-Very good low light quality

-8 bit only
-24p only in 4k (no 25p)
-While shooting “flat color surface” the picture can get a bit “mushy” (more experiment is required).
-Price (For many the camera is expensive. for others the price is acceptable since this camera is like a “Swiss army knife”. You get an excellent photo camera, 4k, full HD up to 60 frames per second in HD for €9000 net).

Camera settings used in this video:
Picture profile-Neutral
ISO settings: between 320 to 1250

EU: reduced price with CODE: 311213SWBC1DC (880€ off) at A.F. Marcotec (see link below)

Many thinks to Pejrimovsky&co

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