CineD Focus Check Ep20 – Is Hollywood Declining & Are Unions Failing? |  Netflix of AI Content & First Gen AI Camera

Tune into this week’s podcast episode of CineD Focus Check where Nino and Johnnie dive deep into the current state and future of the entertainment industry. While Johnnie is recording from a bustling supermarket in Japan, they discuss why studios aren’t chasing big tech companies while Hollywood is declining, suggesting hidden investments and connections that might be at play.

This week’s show sponsor is FUJIFILM – Watch this week’s one-minute tip at 17:09 in the show and learn how to quickly change frame rates using custom settings without going into the menu! Thanks to FUJIFILM for supporting the show.

In this week’s episode, Nino and Johnnie explore the shifting future of filmmaking based on the current cost-cutting in Hollywood and how the strikes might have motivated that, the appeasement policy of big studios and streamers with AI companies (instead of taking them to court). They also analyze the recent Paramount deal and the involvement of big tech companys in the entertainment space.

This episode features a segment on the world’s first generative AI camera, exploring its potential and the skepticism surrounding its practicality, and the teasing of a new AI platforms aiming to become the “Netflix of AI” for auto-generated episodes of your favorite shows.

Stay tuned until the end to catch updates on the OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition Fluid Head, the Matthews Middle MAX Menace Boom Arm, and the CAME-TV Pocket 3 Multifunctional Shock Absorber Arm.

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00:00 Intro

01:27 – Hollywood is in Decline – Union Strikes Partly to Blame, Says Scott Galloway

18:17 – The Netflix of AI? – Fable’s Showrunner Platform Lets Users Create Custom Episodes

25:28Is the First Generative AI Camera on the Horizon?

37:55 – iodyne’s Creator Series Released – A Glimpse Into the Way an Artist Thinks

42:23 – OConnor Ultimate 2575E Platinum Edition Fluid Head Introduced

46:13- Krypton OR Cinema Prime Lenses Coming Soon – A Collaboration with Whitepoint Optics

Sample image shot on Krypton OR 50mm T1.5. Image credit: Krypton OR Cine Optics

51:13 – Matthews Middle MAX Menace Boom Arm Released – Compact and Heavyweight

53:07 – CAME-TV Pocket 3 Multifunctional Shock Absorber Arm Released

We hope you enjoyed this episode!

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