cinema5D Japan – Say Goodbye to “Lost in Translation”

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cinema5D Japan - Say Goodbye to "Lost in Translation"

Today we have a small reason to celebrate, as we are finally able to realise one of our business ideas. We are officially launching our cinema5D Japanese site today, which you can access via, or by choosing the Japanese option when clicking on the little globe on the right hand side of our navigation bar.

This is our attempt to break the language barrier when it comes to news, lab tests and quality reviews from our ever-evolving industry, and bring them to those who would consume our valuable content in their native language. A lot of time and effort has gone into this initiative, and we hope to get the support of the community by helping us spread the word among your Japanese friends and colleagues. 

cinema5D Japan

I would like to introduce Kiyoshi Inoue-san, our partner for this initiative and cinema5D Japan office manager. For the last few months, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time together in order to bring us to where we are now with the new site. Inoue-san is an active professional who is familiar with the ins and outs of our industry, and he will be the one to coordinate our local activities and make sure everything with our cinema5D Japan site functions well and at the right place. 

Kiyoshi Inoue

Besides catering for our Japanese audience with relevant and fresh content, one other benefit of opening a Japanese branch is the opportunity to produce additional, up-to-date original content from the country that manufactures much of the gear we all use, and bring that information straight to our international audience.

Last but not least, we welcome our Japanese audience of filmmakers, and we look forward to having a fruitful engagement with them. Our multi-language journey has begun, in the hopes of providing more and better content than ever before!


cinema5DというWebサイトをご覧になったことがあるでしょうか? cinema5Dはその名称から連想されるように、シネマカメラを中心とした撮影機材を紹介するサイトです。










そこでこの度、記事を翻訳し、日本の読者にも読んでいただけるよう、cinema5D Japanを開設する運びとなりました。






Cinema5D Japan

マネージャー 井上 清

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