cinema5D Planning “Virtual Trade Show” to Give NAB News a Stage – Manufacturers Invited

cinema5D Planning "Virtual Trade Show" to Give NAB News a Stage - Manufacturers Invited
Hard to believe, but obviously expected, NAB has been officially canceled.
Now that the show won’t be happening, we are approaching manufactures with this proposal in order to present you with alternative “virtual show coverage” through recorded videos and live streaming. After all, cinema5D is still committed to bringing the latest news to our audience and support respected manufacturers wherever they are.
cinema5D will be offering virtual show coverage without there being a show planned to be taking place on or around the dates that NAB was supposed to happen in April.

Manufacturers Invited – Please get in touch

The idea is to make sure that companies who worked so hard to create and present their innovations during the show, will have a platform to present those products even without the real-world event happening.
We will be offering companies the following, free of charge:
– cinema5D live interviews and talk about the new products with individual manufacturers and creators from our industry
– In case that your company is offering a live-streamed event, we will consider to tie it into our live broadcast too
– cinema5D will pre-record and edit interviews that will be published during AND after the virtual show has ended, whenever a manufacturer embargo lifts. In our entire history, cinema5D has never broken any embargo, so manufacturers can be assured that the information will go live exactly at the right time. Those interviews will be recorded remotely via video conference OR be recorded on location depending on geographical placement of the manufacturer (we will decide on an individual basis).
We are looking forward to this opportunity and aiming to create a new valuable experiences to our audience and manufacturers. Let’s try to make something positive from the negative developments all around us.
Please contact us directly for more information, visit our contact page.
Johnnie, Nino and the entire cinema5D family.
(Note: As like with any other trade show, the amount of offerings is huge and products might be of a similar type. cinema5D reserves the right to decide which products to expose to our audience on a case-by-case basis.)

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