Cinemartin VENUS – 10 Bit High Brightness Monitor Under $1000

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Cinemartin VENUS - 10 Bit High Brightness Monitor Under $1000

The Cinemartin VENUS is a recently announced high-brightness slimline monitor that provides a professional solution at a competitive price. For a limited time only, it is available with a very attractive rebate offer.

Cinemartin VENUS High Brightness Monitor

Rated at 1000 NIT, the VENUS‘s high brightness makes monitoring and focusing easier when shooting in sunlight, or in situations that present a wide dynamic range. 10-Bit processing allows for more colour information to be displayed too, with up to 1.07 billion colours. This is achieved by FRC (8+2 Bit) ‘that produces an effect to see cleaner, natural, and a greater range of colours’.

The monitor is slimline, with an average depth of only 11mm that makes it thinner and lighter than the Atomos Ninja Flame and the SmallHD 702 Bright. Its aluminium chassis makes for a small and light monitoring package that can be used with many cameras via HDMI.

Cinemartin VENUS High Brightness monitor

The downside to this monitor would be, as noted by the manufacturer: the Cinemartin VENUS is designed to be slim, durable and affordable, choosing to leave out advanced features such as peaking, waveform, vectorscopes, overlays for framing or LUT support. You would have to look at around the $1000.00 price mark for these features.

The controls are accessed via buttons on the rear of the monitor rather than through a touchscreen. The reason is that touchscreen functionality would decrease the monitors brightness by 2 stops.

Cinemartin VENUS High Brightness monitor

On release, the price is certainly very affordable for a high brightness monitor in comparison to other higher-priced products, such as from SmallHD or Atomos. Whether the quality holds up to the other products available, I’m not sure yet. After using Lilliput monitors for a while, I made the switch to Atomos when seeing the visual quality improvement that they offered.

The package includes free shipping, 2 battery plates and software for ProRes and HEVC H.265 encoding (valued at 199.00), with a price tag of only $795.00 (695.00). As part of a limited offer, if you purchase a monitor and send back a video review, Cinemartin will refund $200.00, making the purchase cost $595.00 (495.00) in the end.

Cinemartin VENUS – Specs:

  • Luminance from 700 to 1000 NIT.
  • Bit Depth: 10 Bit (8+2 FRC).
  • True 1920×1080 resolution.
  • 7 inch screen size.
  • Runs on Sony NP batteries.
  • HDMI input.
  • UI features – brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, flip, stretch (16:9 to 4:3), colour temperature.
  • Power rated at 9W.
  • Includes software for ProRes and HEVC H.265 encoding (valued at 199.00), and two battery plates.

Are you looking for a high brightness monitor? Could the Cinemartin VENUS be it? Let us know in the comments.

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