Compact Arri Alexa Mini Battery Solution – Perfect for Movi M15 Use

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Compact Arri Alexa Mini Battery Solution - Perfect for Movi M15 Use

Freefly has released a lightweight Alexa Mini battery solution, the side mounted v-lock plate makes the perfect partner for the Movi M15.


The Alexa Mini body is just the starting point when spec’ing the compact cinema camera. You’ll need glass, power, monitoring and control to get the thing shooting.

Most existing battery solutions involve a rail-based plate riding off the back of the camera. You need the larger Arri MAP-2 baseplate with rod support for this, meaning things very quickly get big and heavy. Freefly’s solution keeps the camera profile slim and perhaps most important of all, light.

Conventional rear mounted battery with heavy MAP-2 baseplate.

Conventional rear-mounted battery with a heavy MAP-2 baseplate.

The bracket is made from carbon fibre so it is very light but remains strong. It has a v-lock plate that mounts to the side of the camera, offering up a pass through 14.8V D-Tap and regulated 12v D-Tap port.

The battery plate is placed towards the back of the camera body allowing for full use of the top cage on the M15, as well as providing mounting points on the top and bottom for both Movi slide plates.


Included is a custom cable with a right-angle LEMO to D-Tap that connects from the back of the camera straight into the v-lock plate. I love the fact that it’s a right-angle LEMO, perfect for gimbal use when trying to keep the camera profile as short as possible.

Being an ambidextrous camera, I can’t see any reason why you can use this on the reverse side of the camera. The Alexa Mini is designed in a way that you can shift accessories around the shell since the mounting points on the top and bottom are the same.

I can certainly see a use for switching it to the dumb side of the camera as this would make a very compact setup for the Alexa Mini that would be just as useful outside of gimbal use. It would need clarifying from Freefly that the V-lock Adapter Kit for ALEXA Mini doesn’t clash with the vents on that side, however.

If you’re a Movi M10 operator, you may want to consider the  FREEFLY V-Lock Handlebar Adapter Kit. This is what I’ve used up to now when shooting on the Alexa Mini/M15. Very simply, this moves the battery plate off the gimbal carriage and onto the handlebars.

On the handlebar/ring there is no influence on the payload of the camera, meaning compatibility with the Alexa Mini in regards to weight is still possible of the lighter loaded Movi M10.

The FREEFLY V-Lock Adapter Kit for ALEXA Mini is ready to ship, however as it is a special order item, you’ll be unable to get it directly off the shelf—it also carries a typical Arri Alexa taxed price at $850.

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