Compact Wireless Video Gets Range Boost – Teradek Bolt 500 Announced

November 10th, 2016 Jump to Comment Section
Compact Wireless Video Gets Range Boost - Teradek Bolt 500 Announced

Teradek has announced a new compact wireless video system. The Teradek Bolt 500 keeps the small form factor of the Bolt 300, but with an increased range of an impressive 500-foot distance, as well as offering HDMI/SDI conversion. 


Teradek has become one of the industry standards for wireless video transmission systems. They offer robust solutions for when you are you looking to transmit your video signal to a wirelessl, whether for providing a separate monitor for client viewing, director viewing and/or your camera is situated where running a cable isn’t practical, such as when sat on a gimbal, high out of reach or across a long distance.

The Bolt 500 is, however, still placed in Teradek’s short range category, a product that will favour users looking to keep their wireless systems small. The Bolt 500 is similar in size to its smaller 300-foot range brother, but step up to the Bolt 1000 and above and you’ll have to deal with a larger physical system when taking antennas into consideration.

Like the Bolt 300, the Bolt 500 has internal antennas, keeping its footprint low (dimensions below). The Bolt 500 is also Teradek’s lightest in this line for both TX and RX, and like all other Bolt models, it features up to 1080 60p support, and has a capability of up to 4 receivers.

Other new additions include Teradek’s Rapid Reconnect and a HDMI/SDI cross converter.


Specification list for the Teradek Bolt 500

  • Range: 500 foot
  • Rapid Reconnect: Yes
  • Number of 20MHz DFS Chs: 0
  • Number of 40MHz DFS Chs: 40
  • Input/Output: 3G-SDI & HDMI
  • Resolution/Framerate: up to 1080/60p
  • TX HDMI/SDI Convertor: Yes
  • Latency: <0.001 Seconds
  • Multicast: Up to 4 RX
  • Metadata Support: Yes
  • USB 3.0 Grab Engine: Yes
  • Power: 2 pin Lemo 2-28 VDC
  • Size: (TX) 24X66X102mm (RX) 25X89X146mm
  • Weight TX/RX: 217g/299g

I can see the Teradek Bolt 500 being suitable for many applications due to its small form factor and HDMI/SDI cross compatibility, and I’m sure it will prove to be a popular product with hire companies.

A single system featuring both HDMI and SDI will retail for $3990.00

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