Core SWX Helix – New Dual Voltage Battery Packs

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Core SWX announced new innovative power solutions for the cine market. We visited Core SWX’s booth at NAB and talked a little bit about their new Helix Dual Voltage 14V/28V battery packs.

Core SWX is known for bringing high-quality, innovative powering solutions to the market. For instance, their HyperCore series of battery packs have become quite popular over the last years. For this year’s NAB, the company prepared a couple of new products and one of the most interesting ones are the Helix Dual Voltage battery packs. Let’s take a short look at these.

Helix Dual Voltage Battery Packs

The new Helix system encompasses all the features of HyperCore, with the added function of dual simultaneous voltage output (14V / 28V). Utilizing an efficient, patent-pending technology, Core SWX claims provides nearly lossless power transmission at a 99% efficiency rate to high voltage operating equipment with the Helix batteries. The Helix series can output up to 33.6V, within the top range of high voltage acceptance. Therefore, it draws less current, creating less heat and extending both, operational runtime and product lifetime.

Helix Dual Voltage Battery Packs. Source: Core SWX

The battery packs will be available in V-mount or Gold mount (3 Stud) versions. Along with Core SWX’s own powering applications, Helix charges on all standard V-mount and Gold mount Lithium-Ion equipment, including Anton Bauer.

Core SWX has produced a series of mount plate offerings (see next product) for their high voltage batteries. Once mounted, the battery pack will transmit the higher voltage efficiently to the camera and the lower 14V to other production accessories.

The Helix battery packs come in various sizes – as a Mini9 (98wh), Mini 150wh, Prime (2-part 190wh), and an XL 293wh model. The three lower capacity models feature a maximum draw of 6A at 33.6V and the XL battery pack has a maximum draw of 7.5A at 33.6V.

HLX PMC Mount Plates

To accompany the new Helix battery packs, Core SWX also announced the new HLX power management control (PMC) mount plates to provide a “hot swappable” platform between on-board and block battery/AC mains, while providing transparency to the AC on set. The on-board LCD monitors input percentage/voltage of the power sources, as well as current draw of the entire camera setup.

HLX Mount Plates. Source: Core SWX

The mounting plate system uses a standard 2-pin Fischer connector for the power input on the plates, simplifying the array of cables needed, while addressing many different camera makes. The mount plates are available for on-board mounting to ARRI cameras, rail mounting for the ARRI Mini LF and Alexa, and Gold mount and V-mount backing for the RED Ranger and Sony VENICE. The plates will retail for $900 USD to $1,000 USD.

The products are now available for pre-order.

What do you think of the new dual voltage Helix battery packs? Are you planning to invest in any of those? Let us know in the comments section below.

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