Core SWX NPF Flatpack Battery for SmallHD FOCUS, Cube24, FLEET Chargers

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Amongst other cine powering solutions, Core SWX has showcased the new NPF Flatpack at NAB, which is specifically designed for the 5″ SmallHD Focus monitor. It contains 7800mAh NPF-L series battery and features a 4-stage LED gauge and DC power input.

The NPF Flatpack is not the only product Core SWX presented at NAB 2019. We found the monitor-specific concept of this product very interesting, therefore we have interviewed Ross Kanarek from Core SWX to talk about its features.

NPF Flatpack

Core SWX’s NPF Flatpack is a low profile, high power NPF L-Series type battery pack, specifically designed to fit the smallHD FOCUS 5″ form factor (though it also fits the larger FOCUS monitors from SmallHD). The 7800mAh pack provides the highest capacity offered in an L-Series form. It features a 4-stage LED gauge and a DC power input, accepting 10-17V DC.

NPF Flatpack. Source: Core SWX

The DC input allows users to “powertap” into the pack, in order to simultaneously power the monitor and charge the battery. It also has a UPS function for immediate switch to battery power, in case DC power gets interrupted. Its shape copies the 5″ Focus monitor and makes it feel like “one device” with the monitor. The NPF Flatpack will cost around US$90.


Another product from Core SWX that was presented at NAB is the Cube24. It is a 200w AC to DC 24 volt power supply, capable of powering most high-power-draw cameras through the two 3-pin XLR outputs, providing up to 200w combined.

Cube24 Power Supply. Source: Core SWX

The Cube24’s body is all aluminium, lightweight and fan-less, featuring internal protections to protect the device against accidental misuse, shutting down and the resetting to operational status. AC input accepts 100-240VAC, making it useable worldwide. The Cube24 will retail for US$250.


Voltbridge FLEET Chargers

Rounding out the new Core SWX products are two new additions to the Voltbridge charger lineup. The FLEET Q4Ai (Gold mount) and FLEET Q4Si (V-Mount) chargers are a robust travel-version of the ever-popular FLEET Micro Voltbridge chargers.

FLEET Chargers. Source: Core SWX

The new, economical charger models come without front LCD and touch panel, but they still offer full battery fleet management control and diagnostic capabilities via the Voltbridge app (available on iTunes and Google Play). The chargers will accept input voltage of 90-240VAC at 50/60Hz. Both will retail for US$1,000.

All of the new Core SWX products are now available for pre-order.

What do you think of the NPF Flatpack? If you use the SmallHD Focus, are you planning to buy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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