DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta Update 4 Released – Adds Live Sync from Cameras

DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta Update 4 Released - Adds Live Sync from Cameras

Blackmagic Design announced the newest update for their Public Beta Version of DaVinci Resolve 19. This update includes the function of live synching Blackmagic Design cameras and some more upgrades. Let’s have a look at all the new features!

Live sync from Blackmagic cameras: Starting with this version of DaVinci Resolve 19 it is possible to live sync video from Blackmagic Design cameras. H.264 proxies can be synced to a DaVinci Resolve bin while the camera is recording. Within seconds, post-production professionals such as editors or colorists will be able to see the media arriving and start work on it straight away. The files are synced to Blackmagic Cloud and then forwarded to all Resolve workstations that are connected to the same cloud project.

Our video on the new features of DaVinci Resolve 19

Easier switching of organizations

In the Project Manager, it is now easier to switch between Blackmagic Cloud organizations. Up until now, you had to log out of Blackmagic Cloud and back in to be able to access projects in a different organization.

Tracking improvements

The Surface Tracker now has an added occlusion mask making it easier to specify the object you want to track more clearly. Tracker modifiers in Fairlight now default to using IntelliTrack to give the best results when applying audio panning. 

Film Look Creator update and more changes

The Film Look Creator has also been improved, allowing you to create a more realistic film look in HDR mode. The halation and handling of aspect ratios when using this effect have also been improved. 

Other changes include a new option to select checkerboard and gray alpha viewer backgrounds in the Cut and Edit pages, which will help you identify clips with alpha channels. Projects will now default to camera originals over proxies if they are available.

The update adds support for Blackmagic RAW 4.1, has improved waveform display for media with synced audio, and adds retention of the play head position when opening nested clips and a range of general performance and stability improvements.

Pricing and availability

DaVinic Resolve 19 Beta 4 can now be downloaded from Blackmagic Design’s website. The studio version is available from retailers such as B&H and CVP. Before making the jump make sure to read our guide on what to do before upgrading. If you are unsure of whether the free version is enough for you or you should make the jump to the Studio version, check out our article and video on all the differences here.

Will you install this newest version? Have you had trouble with the Beta versions so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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