Director’s Monitor Cage Among New Releases from Wooden Camera

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Director's Monitor Cage Among New Releases from Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera announced several new products, one of which is a new Director’s Monitor Cage. A new Recorder Slide and a nifty Sony Cable Protector that fits the Sony F55 and F5 camera with, or without top plate is also among the list of new releases.

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The new Director’s cage allows any LCD to be attached (see list below). Foam grips on the side allow secure and comfortable holding and a battery mounting bracket for attachment of V-Mount or Gold Mount plates is also included. There are also offset adapters which will allow you to attach the Monitor Cage to C-Stands via a baby pin (not included).

The Director’s Monitor Cage works with the following monitors:


  • SmallHD DP4, DP6, AC7
  • TVLogic VFM-056W/WP, VFM-058W
  • Ikan D5, VK7i, VH8, VL5, VX9e
  • Odyssey 7, 7Q
  • Atomos Samurai, Ninja, Shogun
  • And many more according to Wooden Camera

Click here to see all the screws and accessories included as well.

The new Recorder Slide allows for attaching the power plate on one side and an on-board recorder on the other. Hole patterns are available for the following:

  • Ki Pro
  • Hyperdeck, Codex
  • Odyssey 7Q, pix240
  • V-Mount and Gold Mount
  • Audio wireless receiver boxes
  • 1/4-20 threaded and pass through holes

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Cable ProtectorAnother cool gadget to take the edge off all your cable headaches is the Sony F55 and F5 Cable Protector. It can attach directly to the camera while the original Sony handle is installed by using the 1/4-20 hole and M2.6 tape hook hole making it extremely secure.

Wooden Camera are showcasing all their new products at IBC this weekend.

Current pricing for the Director’s Monitor Cage is $299, the Recorder Slide $399 and the Cable Protector $95.

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