DP4 monitor/EVF review by smallHD + violent torture test

August 16th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

The very small high resolution field monitor, the DP4 by smallHD has started shipping last month. One of the interesting features of this monitor is that it supports hdmi loopthrough and also doubles as an EVF (Electronic ViewFinder).

In this video Wes and Dale, the creators of smallHD monitors, give you a detailed look at the DP4 and DP4-EVF attachment.

The drop test at 19:13 is interesting.

0:00 Intro
3:07 The Display
6:28 Inputs and Signals
8:50 The EVF
16:02 Powering Options
17:47 Build and Durability
19:13 Drop Test, Golf, etc.
23:04 Conclusion

The DP4 is a very intriguing product, for me personally the question wether or not the DP4 screen has similar sharpness issues as the previous models is still separating me from a decision of working with or recommending the monitor.
Unfortunately we still haven’t received a unit for testing, but we’ll keep asking and your comments are appreciated.

The monitor is avilale on the smallHD website

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