Edelkrone Ortak – 3D Print Your Filmmaking Gear

Edelkrone Ortak - 3D Print Your Filmmaking Gear

Edelkrone – a company well-known for making innovative film equipment – is back with something unique, called Ortak. This new co-manufacturing program lets the user 3D print some parts, while Edelkrone provides all the screws/joints and aluminum pieces to put it together. It’s smart – and maybe the beginning of a revolution in filmmaking tools.

Edelkrone Ortak Program

3D printers are not something new, and you probably know someone (or a fabrication laboratory) in your neighborhood that has one. Back in the days, they were costly and the results were not that great. Nowadays, they have significantly improved; they are much more affordable and can provide impressive results.

With that in mind, Edelkrone decided to launch the Ortak program. The idea with Ortak is simple. Edelkrone provides you with all the screws/joints/CNC machined aluminum parts that are not easy to replicate. Then, find a 3D printer and print the STL model they give you. Finally, once you have all the necessary parts, assemble the final product.


The first product in the Ortak program is the Edelkrone FlexTilt Head. If you are not familiar with the FlexTilt Head, it’s a versatile and flexible baseplate that you can turn in various directions, which is especially useful when used on top of a slider.

The design and parts are simple shapes to print and assemble. The beautiful thing with 3D printing is that you can choose the color of the ABS/PLA (or other polymers) you want to use. So, if you are tired of full-black film equipment, you can go with crazy colors.

Finally, you can even customize the design if you want (for example make a larger baseplate), but make sure that all the other parts provided by Edelkrone will fit.


Pricing and Availability

The FlexTilt Head 2 “original” that is entirely made of aluminum is $149. The FlexTilt Head 3D kit retails for $29. Indeed, you will need to print the 3D parts, but it should not cost you more than $30.

The FlexTilt Head 3D is available right now on Edelkrone website. Ortak and the FlexTilt Head 3D are the first steps for Edelkrone, and they plan to add more products in the future.

What do you think of the Ortak Program? Did you already print any filming equipment? Let us know in the comments!

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