EROVR – A Transformable Dolly, Wagon, and Cart

EROVR - A Transformable Dolly, Wagon, and Cart


While EROVR sounds like something NASA might send to Mars, it’s actually a very clever multipurpose cart that filmmakers may find very useful. EROVR is not necessarily aimed at the film industry, but it’s a nifty concept with countless potential duties on set that are immediately apparent.

Introducing EROVR

Currently running a campaign on indiegogo, EROVR USA has developed a “multi-functional personal carrier that transforms into 10 configurations to suit any task at hand.”

According to the EROVR indiegogo page:

  1. Storage Mode
  2. Movers Dolly
  3. Half Cart with Handle
  4. Half Cart with Handle + Fence Panels
  5. Flat Cart No Handles
  6. Flat Cart One Handle
  7. Baggage Cart
  8. Wagon
  9. Hand Truck
  10. Hand Truck with Side Panels

The EROVR cart can be ordered for $195 from the EROVR indiegogo page and there are various accessory packs as well.

I can see this cart being incredibly useful for loading and unloading gear, and shifting from place to place on the grounds of large sprawling locations. I’ve been on countless shoots in and around large hotel and resort complexes where the one or two actual camera carts we had on hand could be found loaded up with all kinds of things other than just being used for camera prep.

A few of these would have made a world of difference on many shoots, and when it comes to packing everything up, the cart collapses into a very tight package that can just about fit anywhere for transport and storage.

Check out the indiegogo campaign page for the latest information and updates.

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