FilmConvert Nitrate – Next Generation Film Look Conversion

After the recent announcement of CineMatch – a plugin that makes camera color matching easy – the team at FilmConvert revealed FilmConvert Nitrate. This new version is an upgrade of the original FilmConvert plugin. Let’s take a look at what’s new!


FilmConvert Nitrate New Features

FilmConvert has been out since 2012, and the company is continuously adding new camera-specific packages. Otherwise, the plugin by itself is pretty much the same since the beginning. This new FilmConvert Nitrate version is a much welcome upgrade of a fantastic film simulation plugin that we’ve been using since the very beginning.

The first thing you will notice with Nitrate is the overall UI redesign: more colors in the plugins for more fun. Also, there are new tools for more fine control over the final image. In the Nitrate update, there are now Log versions of the original film stock emulations. It means that you can now control the amount of contrast and saturation that you apply to the film stock you choose with more precision. Finally, FilmConvert Nitrate now uses a full Log image processing pipeline – like DaVinci Resolve – so the entire dynamic range of your footage is preserved throughout the grading process.

FilmConvert Nitrate Log Mode. Image credit: FilmConvert

To achieve that, there is now a new custom curve control tool. The three color wheels for Shadows/Mid-tones/Highlights adjustments can sometimes be fiddly. This new custom curve controls will let you adjust the footage’s highlight/shadow roll-offs easily for example.

If you don’t want the film grain to be too strong or applied to all parts of your footage, there is a new film grain control. It lets you adjust where in the Shadows/Mid-tones/Highlights the grain is applied.

Pricing and Availability

At the moment, there is no final information about FilmConvert Nitrate’s pricing and availability. However, if you already own the “old” FilmConvert plugin, there will be an upgrade fee to get the new Nitrate plugin. If you purchase FilmConvert from now on$159 for the complete bundle – you will receive a free upgrade to Nitrate.

The Nitrate upgrade will first be available for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects on Mac OS and Windows. Additional platforms will be upgraded during 2019.

Discount Code – 10% off for cinema5D Readers!

The team from FilmConvert was also kind enough to give cinema5D readers an exclusive DISCOUNT CODE to get 10% off all purchases from the FilmConvert website. Simply add the discount code “CINEMA5D” on checkout or click this link to apply the discount.

Do you already own and use FilmConvert? What do you think of the Nitrate upgrade? Let us know in the comments below!


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